How to grow hair faster?

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Activate hair growth

femme qui mesure ses cheveux

  • Everyone's dream is to make their hair grow or grow back faster. To achieve this, you have to understand how a hair grows, why it falls out and how it feeds to grow. This is what this article explains in detail. After reading these few lines, you will know everything to make your hair grow back twice as fast!

Growing Your Hair Faster: Possible or Not?

  • From the prenatal period to the end of life, hair appears, falls out and grows back in cycles of varying length.
  • Hair follicles begin to develop between the eighth and twelfth weeks of life, in utero. The first hairs being visible in the fetus around the fifth month. Hair, meanwhile, appears in the seventh month of pregnancy and is therefore all long at birth.

The hair cycle

les différents stades de la croissance des cheveux

  • During the first year of life, hair grows at the same rate and in the same pattern. Thereafter, each hair follows its own growth cycle, divided into three successive phases:
  1. The anagen phase which corresponds to the period of active growth of the hair lasts 3 to 6 years. (It is shorter in men than in women). It determines the maximum length that the hair can reach. In comparison, eyebrows grow for about 70 days and eyelashes for 100 to 150 days.
  2. The catagen phase : Period of regression and arrest of growth which lasts three weeks. It is marked by the cessation of the formation of pigments. That of the growth of the hair follicle.
  3. The telogen phase, finally, is the hair loss phase. It lasts on average three months. The dead hair is pushed back by a new anagen hair and then falls out. A hand passed over an unwashed scalp for a few days brings back hair with, at their end, a "white ball" which corresponds to the root of a hair that has been dead for a few weeks. On the other hand, a vigorous traction carried out immediately after a shampoo extracts a hair whose bulb is "alive": voluminous, dark and enveloped in translucent sheaths.
  • At each moment of the hair cycle, 80 to 85% hair is in the anagen phase (growth) and 15 to 20% in telogen phase (fall). The percentage of anagen hair is higher in women (85 to 90%) with 10 to 15% hair in the telogen phase. The rest of the hair (very little) being in the catagen phase.

Hair regrowth

schéma des différents stades de la croissance des cheveux

  • Hair grows about 1 cm per month, or 12 to 15 cm per year. However, they grow more or less quickly depending on their location (faster at the top of the skull, more slowly on the nape of the neck), sex (faster in women), age or the seasons (growth is faster during the summer).
  • Hair renewal is permanent and diffuse. This allows the hair to keep its harmonious appearance. However, hair density (100 to 300 hairs / cm²) decreases with age, as does the length of the growth phase (and therefore hair length).

To overcome the disadvantages of aging and increase hair growth

  • Grows and regrows hair: same fight.
  • It is above all necessary to help the hair to nourish itself better.
  • To properly nourish the hair in order to make it grow, it is necessary to provide it with the mineral supply that the hair needs for its growth and that via its roots. To be able to grow, the hair needs IRON, Copper and Zinc which they will synthesize in order to create the protein which constitutes them. This is called keratin. The only way to grow your hair is to feed its roots with these three trace elements.
  • This is why Laboratoire Géomer has created a very effective product in the treatment for hair regrowth:Oligo F3. Rich in Iron, Copper and Zinc, it easily penetrates the scalp to the roots of the hair.

Activateur de croissance du cheveu. Découvrez l'Oligo F3 du Laboratoire Géomer.

  • So that the action of a product that nourishes the roots of the hair is 100% effective, it is important to perform deep lymphatic drainage of the scalp in order to help cellular waste to be perfectly eliminated from the scalp. This is why Géomer has created masks with clay, algae and essential oils which will allow the skin to drain and repel the negative effects of time. Discover our masks Terral for the scalp, face and body:

Découvrez les masques argiles Géomer pour le visage et cuir chevelu. Les Terrals Géomer sont de puissant draineurs lymphatique.

  • This process is explained in detail in an overview video.

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A solution to hair regrowth in case of baldness: dream or reality?

  • We lose on average 75 to 100 hairs per day while 20 to 30 hair cycles follow one another during a lifetime.
  • But in this regard, we must also take into account that our skin and all the tissues of our body have a wonderful capacity to regenerate. For several years, stem cells have been well known. It has been proven that these can regenerate any tissue via the channels of the meridians. It is scientifically proven: Click here to read the article >>
  • This is why in hair regrowth treatments, Géomer uses lymphatic drainage through the application of clay masks called Terral. These have the ability to allow stem cells to grow hair back faster even when the baldness is pronounced (this remains however longer and complicated).
  • See the different user reviews hair regrowth treatments from Laboratoire Géomer .

In summary :

In response to the following question: "How to grow hair faster? "

  • Just use a little bit ofOligo F3 and the hair will grow faster, about 2 centimeters per month. This observation was made by many hairdressers who use Géomer products in their hairdressing salon as well as by many users who have given their opinion. Read the testimonials here >>
  • And in the event of significant hair loss, it will initially be necessary to associate applications of Terral White.

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Testimonial from a user ofOligo F3 on video :

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