How to have beautiful skin naturally?

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Be beautiful without makeup

  • Let's no longer hide our imperfections under a layer of makeup
  • Let's take care of our skin with personalized and tailor-made products to regain beautiful skin in perfect health.

Retrouver une belle peau au naturel avec les soin Géomer !

The secrets of beautiful natural skin!

Beautiful and natural

  • Are you looking for how to have perfect skin to be radiant naturally without having to go through the makeup box?
  • The solution is Custom-made Cosmetics >> !
  • Each product should be tailored to your skin and the current season. The tailor-made adaptation of your products is offered by Laboratoire Géomer .

Géomer brings you a personalized solution to take care of your skin.

Make your Aesthetic assessment and discover your natural face ritual!

Faites votre bilan esthétique ! C’est simple, rapide et gratuit. Votre diagnostic personnalisé est réalisé par un expert qui répond également à toutes vos questions. Parce que chacun de nous est unique, nous avons besoin de produits adaptés à nos besoins personnels : du sur-mesure cosmétique.

The natural returns at a gallop

  • To be flirtatious and not to wear makeup, yes it is possible!
  • You may have seen pictures on the net of Miley Cirus without makeup when she wakes up or the singers Adèle who occasionally publishes pictures of her naturally on her Instagram account and Alicia Keys who has chosen not to anymore to put on makeup.
  • "NO make-up" is a trend that is taking hold and is attracting more and more followers!
  • For those who can't completely let go of the idea of going out makeup-free, a more natural look with healthy skin without foundation and light on makeup will make you look fresher.
  • We pay more and more attention to the products we eat or apply to our skin. And, this is important because our outer beauty is the image of our inner health >>.
  • With this in mind, the Laboratoire Géomer is based on the laws of nature to counter skin imbalances thanks to genuine care products.

Aesthetic Natural Products:

Retrouvez tous les soins esthétiques Géomer sur notre boutique en ligne! Tous nos produits sont conçus à partir d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle basé sur la loi des 5 éléments.

The risks of makeup

  • Nowadays, it is not easy not to be guided by the dictates of beauty introduced by the major cosmetics groups. However, applying makeup every day has consequences on our skin. Make-up suffocates the skin, accelerates skin aging, clogs pores and promotes the appearance of pimples ... Some also contain chemicals that are harmful to health. Not to mention the time spent in the morning in your bathroom and the budget that this requires.
  • In addition, if you have a skin condition, these devices only cover the problem, rather than cure it. This will therefore persist and increase over time.
  • Let your skin breathe and sunbathe for a natural healthy glow! (Remember, however, to protect it well from bad UV rays).
  • It's good for morale !

Regain the natural radiance of your skin

  • How to make yourself beautiful naturally? The answer is in care! Treat your skin and enhance it by providing it with the nutrients it needs.
  • What heals the interior, heals the exterior. Our outer beauty.
  • Having beautiful skin without makeup requires adopting a daily beauty routine. The important thing is to clean your face well (gentle washing or neutral pH soaps), to exfoliate (for skin free of impurities, cleaner, softer), to tone and moisturize it.
  • Each product must be tailor-made to your skin type and the current season. Indeed, the needs of our skin vary according to the seasons. Discover the influences of the seasons >>
  • Have confidence in yourself! Bring out your natural beauty!

For each type of skin its solution:

Care and products for hot blotchy skin

Care and products for dry blotchy skin

CARE and products for oily skin

CARE and products for mature skin

care and products for normal skin

care and products for dry skin

Solutions for skin with imperfections:

care and products against acne and comedones

care and products to fight against cellulite

care and products to make your homemade body scrub

care and products against facial wrinkles

Care and products against eczema

Care and products to fight against psoriasis

Rebalance slight skin imbalances at each change of season:

Energy treatment with 5 clays

You don't know what your skin type is and / or would you like to have your products adapted for free according to the season? Complete the questionnaire:

Skin Diagnosis >>

Natural tips

  • To drink a lot of water ! Read our article on the subject >>
  • Be careful not to consume too many dairy products. Find out why >>
  • Sleeping well is also essential to allow our skin to regenerate during the night, to de-stress and refresh the facial features. To help you fall asleep put 2 to 3 drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue next to your pillow. Relaxation effect guaranteed!
  • If we know that our balance comes through a healthy lifestyle, it is not always easy to eat well or adapt all the right attitudes. This is why Géomer products are designed to regulate and allow us to find a balance between our inner health and our outer beauty.

"Take good care of yourself !"

Alain Ledroit

Alain Ledroit
Ceo & Founder Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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