Lice: How to fight them naturally?

At Geomer, we offer adapted and tailor-made solutions depending on the season and the person.

Today, we are interested in these little animals which often cause misery to children and the stubbornness of parents ... Lice!

How to naturally fight against lice?

Why can the emotional aspect also have an impact on their proliferation?

We answer all of these questions in this article.

Deux enfants jouent ensemble.

Why aren't chemicals the solution all the time?

Although the chemicals are particularly effective in eradicating lice, they do not kill them permanently and even reveal a much higher rate of reinfection.

Formerly, the products used to fight against lice were composed of neurotoxic agents as well as endocrine disruptors.

Force to note their harmfulness, they evolved and are now composed mainly of:

  • silicone
  • surfactant
  • oil.

Compositions intended to suffocate lice and to be applied for many days or even weeks in the hope of obtaining an improvement… Not necessarily very practical.

And if professionals assure that the substances present in the products are safe, vigilance is justified.

In fact, children's scalps are more sensitive and can allow substances toxic for their development to pass into the blood.

We say yes naturally to fight against lice!

The advantage of natural products is that not only are they effective immediately, but are even more interesting when it comes to prevention in the treatment against lice.

To fight against lice, Laboratoire Geomer has developed two products composed mainly ofnatural ingredients, without endocrine disruptors and not tested on animals.

Anti-lice shampoo

The anti-lice shampoo has a natural and very powerful blend of essential oils and propolis. Why is this combination so effective against lice?

  • Propolis is a natural lice-killing antibiotic thanks to its repellent properties that bees offer us.
  • The synergy of essential oils used makes it possible to obtain a high concentration of benefits to repel lice immediately and durably on the scalp of children.

shampoing anti-poux

Dermo-purifying peeling gel

The purifying dermo peeling gel is particularly effective for cleaning up even the most sensitive skin. It is the ideal complement with the anti-lice shampoo to overcome the most stubborn nits.

gel peeling dermo purifiant

From its first application, the “straitjacket” effect disappears to leave the skin free of cutaneous toxins. Its mainly natural composition will provide additional support on both the physical and psychological aspects to treat lice attacks.

  • Its use allowsremove nits from lice that stick in the hair.
  • Its synergy of essential oils comes clean up potential imbalances present on the surface of the skin.

Deux enfants rigolent ensemble.

The emotional aspect: Possible even for a lice attack?

At Geomer, we assume that every problem has its solution. The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us to treat the cause of the problem, not to remedy what is visible on our body.

Lice generally like scalps with low pH acidity. That's why grandmother's recipes often suggested using vinegar to acidify the pH and overcome these little beasts.

The scalp's pH changes according to our condition, and becomes more basic when the person is nervous, stressed or even anxious. Since children are under parental governance, they usually absorb the feelings and energies that parents can communicate to them, even unconsciously.

We all know this famous expression "to look for lice", or even "to look for the little beast" meaning to look for trouble for someone. Unintentionally, when parents are particularly nervous, always behind their children or stressed that lice could arrive, they cause a change in the pH of their children's scalp by communicating their stress. So very often, the lice will come to lodge, because the pH lends itself perfectly for their development.

So… What if we stopped looking for the lice of our children and let them live… Their childhood life?

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