Meet Chinese thought (France Inter 07/15/2017)

France Inter broadcast in the radio program "on the shoulders of Darwin" a presentation of the law of the 5 elements called: Meet Chinese Thought.

à la rencontre de la pensée traditionnelle chinoise

On Darwin's shoulders

The origins of the law of the 5 elements

France Inter 07/15/2017

This Saturday, July 15, 2017, the day after the French National Day, I was more than surprised to hear a reading from Mr. Jean Claude Ameisen on France Inter whose subject was the explanation of the Universe.

Plato already affirmed loud and clear that geometry is the perfect image of the Universe. And, he was quoting the Law of 5 Elements as the basis of our Universe.

la loi ds 5 éléments

I let you listen to this program at your ease and discover, once again, all the force present in this law of the 5 elements that we use at Géomer to rebalance our body and take care of it in order to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair. .

Everything in us is a balance!

> (RE) listen to the show 54'05

Jean Claude Ameisen

Jean Claude Ameisen

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