My skin is the image of my internal health. episode 1

Our skin is the outward image of our inner health

It is our link with the outside world. It surrounds us on all sides, measures nearly two square meters and envelops everything that makes up our body.

What if we read our skin?lire la peau

  • It covers us completely and measures nearly two square meters because it surrounds all of what makes up our body.
  • She is therefore the first to be in contact with the outside world. Like an antenna that can transmit and receive.
  • It is thanks to her that we are visible and that we become an object of desire, of touching, of feeling.
  • It is the border with our internal organism, while coating our life.
  • But it is also a wonderful playground for bacteria, fungi, infections, viruses and more.

Verbal symbolism

  • In our everyday language, it defines many things, many states of mind. We often use the expression "I'm not good about yourself" when you feel bad. We say that we are "on edge" when we are irritated or that we have "hard skin" to show that we are not ticklish by what we heard behind our back. How many times have we risked our skins? How many words we heard made our hairs stand on end? We are itching to answer.

Do you know the roles of your skin?

  • The primary function of the skin is to protect us from intruders. It is composed, like a brick wall, by a first acid coating.
  • The skin is also a wonderful conditioner that allows us to avoid overheating or freezing or losing too much water in order to avoid drying out.

couche de la peau

  • In direct contact with the environment, it must ensure permanent protection: It measures the temperature, evacuates excretions or liquids, absorbs light and transforms it into heat. All this is achieved thanks to the sensory cells located at the base of the hairs as well as the 2,500 receptors on the tips of our fingers. Thanks to all this equipment, our skin tells us how the world around us is.
  • Our skin also puts us in contact with other human beings. She is able to transmit messages that will be decisive in the choices of our partner (s). The taste and smell of the skin of each of us is unique. This allows us to be attracted to the smells of the one intended for us. You should know that nature manages to combine the genetic heritages that will make the most resistant offspring. The skin therefore does not know racism because it seeks the varieties of genetic contributions that will make the human race even stronger and more resistant.
  • The skin is our most beautiful sexual organ. No beginning of excitement without seeing bare skin. The desire only comes after touching each other's skin, when the two are ready to mix their scents. Our skin reacts with chills when erotic thoughts come to us. Everything related to fetishism has to do with the skin.
  • What touches the skin is, in fact, full of taboos. Such as nudity (visible genitals = invisible shame), but also strong or unpleasant odors, blemishes, hollows, bumps or stains and also secretions.
  • A lot of the things we want to hide come from the skin: pimples, dandruff, earwax, sweat, scabs etc.

odeurs de nus

The skin from the perspective of skin specialists

For those who work at the skin level like our energy lab or other skin professionals, this is a more than fascinating area and not at all disgusting. Indeed, skin problems depending on where they are found, help us discover the exact reasons for their origins.

  • The skin does not stop communicating with others. It allows us to communicate with ourselves, with our inner world.
  • It has very close connections with the nervous system and the immune system. How it looks depends largely on what is really going on inside us.
  • This is what our ancestors who had developed traditional Chinese medicine understood. The state of our skin depends on our state of health, on the season in which we are, on our diet, but also on our mental state.

descriptif de la peau

The skin is the mirror of our soul

  • It is a real screen on which we can read the life of our unconscious.
  • It allows us to know everything about the one who shows his skin.
  • We can detect physical deficiencies, traces of stress, or any imbalance.
  • Wrinkles speak of past life with its sorrows and joys, as do scars and traces of wounds or operations.
  • Those who are addicted to cosmetic operations, because they are afraid of aging, end up looking ugly in the end.
  • Goosebumps signify intense fear or equally intense pleasure.
  • Pimples often mean excess sugar, of milk or white flour without fiber.
  • Skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis are very often due to great fears or a bad self-image. Our conscious wants relationships with others but the subconscious is afraid of it. This is why it will develop "a shell" with its scabs so that you don't want to touch it. He doesn't want to be hurt anymore.
  • In fact our skin is an open book on our life and our health from our birth to today. We can decipher that the visible symptoms have invisible sources.

The skin is fascinating and deserves to be maintained with real skin care products. When we understand how important and essential it is, we realize that it is a shame to use camouflage cosmetics to hide your skin concerns.

As an energetic cosmetics laboratory, we make it our duty to help you read and understand your skin. This is our main motivation, every day.

We help you take care of yourself, so that you feel good in and with your skin.

To find out which products are made for you and benefit from free tailor-made adaptation according to your seasonal needs, make your Skin Diagnosis :

diagnostic esthétique du laboratoire géomer

We will continue, in future articles, to discover our skin in depth.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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