Oligo F3 repaired my damaged hair

My hair was damaged and broken.

Now they are beautiful and fortified.

Cyrielle Ceuninck testifies in video:

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Témoignage vidéo de la réparation des cheveux abîmés par les produits chimiques

Here is the transcript of Cyrielle Ceuninck's testimony answering Alain Ledroit's questions:


  • When we saw each other, not long ago. You explained your hair problem to me. They are very damaged by all the chemicals you use in hairdressing school.
  • I recommended a Géomer product: Oligo F3.
  • Explain to me what you think.


  • Initially, my hair broke a lot. And I was losing my hair a lot from all the chemicals I was using.
  • And now, since I have been using Géomer products, my hair does not break anymore.


  • Have you used the product Oligo F3 long time ?


  • I used the product for a month or two. I put it on every day. And also after having shampooed and before brushing.
  • I saw the first results after just 1 month.


  • And now, how is your hair?
  • Do you recommend Oligo F3 ?


  • My hair is much better. They don't break at all anymore.
  • I recommend the'' Oligo F3 to all those who are worried about damaged hair.


  • Thank you very much Cyrielle for your testimony.
Cyrielle Ceuninck
6041 Gosselies (Belgium)

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