The energies of the Earth and the Sea

Cosmetics should not be makeup for the skin and hair. They must be a philosophy of care, of life.

The origins of Géomer:

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The Geomer thought

Cosmetics have evolved ...

Today, it would be unfair to say that cosmetics are to the skin, to the hair, what makeup is to the face ... Camouflage.

  • It suffices to observe ... only 50 years ago, wrinkles or other, blotches, oily skin, dry skin, dry hair, dandruff, hair loss ... represented almost insurmountable aggressions of time. Today, these aesthetic disgraces recede in front of technology but especially in front of an application of natural, biological laws, rethought.
  • As long as we agree to associate the latest discoveries with the possibilities of nature, provided that marketing does not overshadow the essential objective which is the result, we can today say that the process of premature aging can to be controlled as are certain diseases which were once beyond the control of man.
  • For this, the concentration of the product must not be reduced by the taste of advertising and packaging. Due to its philosophy, for 20 years, Géomer has preferred to invest in the quality of its products rather than in flashy and expensive advertising. There are rules against which nothing can be done, which should not be circumvented.
  • The selection of such or such ingredient scientifically proven to be effective is not enough if the concentration necessary for this effectiveness is not at least up to what is necessary. The mercantile environment in which we live conditions us to accept as "valid" only the information conveyed by the media, advertising ... Let us not forget that before us, generations of people have followed one another on this earth. men and women bearers of knowledge and technologies that we have too often neglected because we considered them old or out of fashion.
  • The power that we can draw from nature to serve our bodies has still not reached its limit.
  • Just as the concentration is directly linked to the selection of substances associated in synergy, the choice of the formulation of a cosmetic product must be made according to two imperatives:
  • - The action we want to obtain.
  • - The average cutaneous tolerance threshold.

We must provide our skin with the nutrients it needs

Just as we don't eat the same type of food all year round, we have to change the active ingredients in our cosmetics according to the seasons.

Man escapes strict and uniform rules ... Climatic interference according to the seasons and the region where you live as well as the influence of the psychic (joy, stress, sadness ...) make today's observation will not be tomorrow.

I make my diagnosis for treatment Tailored ! Tailor-made product adaptation is offered by Géomer:

Diagnostic de peau Géomer

Diagnostic capillaire Géomer

The Géomer skincare line is based on these differences:

My motto as CEO Géomer is to observe and never lose sight of the fact that we have never understood everything definitively. To design Géomer, it was necessary to be based on the following theory:

What happens inside can be seen outside!

What heals the inside, heals the outside!

  • It is from this theory that Laboratoire Géomer created cosmetic formulas starting from natural medications transformed into gel, lotions, balms and others.
  • The results were immediately exceptional.
  • The Laboratoire Géomer therefore offers a method of care and products whose design had never been attempted before.

The Law of 5 Elements

loi des 5 éléments

  • Thanks to the Law of 5 Elements Discovered several thousand years ago, Géomer made the connection between cosmetic imbalances and the influence of the seasons. Indeed, just like the nature which surrounds us, we all undergo the energetic influence of the variations of seasons. In addition, we all react to these energy shifts in different ways, given what we eat, how we think, how we live ...
  • We are all different and unique. We all need shampoos, creams, cosmetics that suit us personally.
  • Adapted Tailored to our own needs.

The seasons change and our products adapt!

How many times do we hear ...

"This shampoo suited me, it doesn't suit me at all. This cream left me with an exceptional skin feel. Today she pulls, doesn't hydrate as well. "

It's not addiction, it's not that the product has changed ... No, it's the needs of our skin and our hair that change. They vary, just like our entire body, with the seasons. Therefore, they need assets that compensate for the effects, the seasonal influences.

  • It is common for the scalp and skin to become more greasy than usual on the skin. spring.
  • Thesummer is the season when we sweat a lot. Which dries out the skin and hair. Oxidation from UV rays from the sun has a huge influence on the health of our skin and hair. We must therefore take care to protect ourselves from excess.
  • To the end of summer, our body detoxifies itself, causing pimples, itching and dandruff to appear. It is the same during each change of seasons.
  • In autumn, our body is demineralized with the repercussion of dry skin, dry hair that becomes thinner and begins to fall out.
  • Thewinter is the period when there is the least energy. It's cold and we're cold. The skin is poorly irrigated, even whitish, without energy. Little by little, wrinkles and skin aging set in.

Herbal products are products that have been proven to work for centuries. Some actives in the Géomer skincare line have become classics in cosmetic applications. But among them, we find new ingredients that are the source of results that could not be achieved in the past.

    1. Organic Silicon
    2. Sabbal Serrulata
    3. Red or yellow clay
    4. Marine extracts
    5. Trace elements

All these new ingredients enrich the nobility of the formulas of Laboratoire Géomer products to achieve the precision of the treatment offered following a precise diagnosis at the capillary level or at the level of the skin.

Since 2013, Laboratoire Géomer wanted to be close to everyone through its web shop and online advice. Our customers have noticed the difference between Géomer products and the rest of the products on the market.

We meet the increasingly stringent demands of customers who recognize the true values of Géomer products and who want a real homecoming associated with knowledge of modern technology.

The Laboratoire Géomer team's sole vocation is to answer questions from its customers who use the products. So that everyone can get the best for themselves, for their skin and their hair. All this, over the seasons, years and life.

Thank you for your choice and for your confidence in our products and our values.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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