Which shampoo should I choose and how can I tailor it to my needs?

Which shampoo should I choose for my hair and how can I tailor it?

  • How to choose the right Geomer shampoo according to your hair type?
  • How to tailor it to suit your personal needs and seasonal variations?
  • We answer you

la gamme complète des shampoings Géomer

Washing your hair is above all caring for it.

The shampoo is the first essential hair care

  • The essential condition for having a pretty hair is to choose very precisely a shampoo according to your hair type and to have it adapted tailored to his scalp (free service at Géomer). We must not forget that our hair is born and grows inside the scalp. Their quality obviously depends on the condition of it. Hence, the importance of choosing a shampoo that is tailor-made according to the needs of your scalp.
  • Choosing the right shampoo is therefore essential because it is on it that depends, in large part, the quality of our hair.
  • It is also necessary to realize that the shampoo is used to wash but also to treat the hair and the scalp. We recommend that you do not use shampoos called "two in one" which deposit a film on the hair to give it an "appearance of beauty and shine". This does not solve hair problems and the only result you get is to make the hair heavy. Also avoid anything that is silicone, sheathing or other. This is only hair and superficial makeup.

Efficiency naturally

  • At Géomer, for EFFICIENCY, we use ingredients of natural origin. Plant active ingredients such as powdered seaweed, real fair trade shea butter, plant extracts which respect and protect the hair fiber.
  • All of our ingredients have a controlled origin and are selected specifically for each type of hair.

How to proceed to have your personalized shampoo?

1) I choose my shampoo according to the nature of my hair.

Find the treatment corresponding to your hair type, a little further down.

2) I have it adapted free of charge to the needs of my scalp by answering the questionnaire:

Note that our needs change with the seasons. Know why here >>

quel shampoing choisir et comment l'adapter sur mesure

Treat and respect the natural balance of the scalp and hair

  • All the bases of our shampoos are of plant origin, guaranteed without silicone, without PEG, without parabens and without endocrine disruptors.
  • We avoid synthetic assets.
  • We use sodium laureth sulfate esterified with cane alcohol to ensure respect for the skin by avoiding the presence of heavy metals. (Sodium laureth sulfate is most commonly esterified from petroleum products found in the majority of low cost commercial shampoos).
  • Géomer shampoos are therefore shampoos without harmful sulphate and derived from components of natural origin.

Respect the environment

  • All our shampoos are very easily biodegradable in order to protect your environment.

A Geomer shampoo for each hair

émulsion du shampoing Géomer

To choose the right shampoo, you must do it according to the nature of your hair. The different types of hair are:

Normal hair

cheveux d'enfants

  • It is children's hair (from zero to +/- 16 years).
  • Those of adults who are not stained or chemically treated.
  • In general, they are neither thin nor big and have no particular concerns.

The recommended shampoo for normal hair is G5 shampoo tailor-made :

shampoing G5 adapté sur-mesure

Oily hair

cheveux gras

  • The hair is fine and greasy over its entire length.
  • The hair lacks volume.
  • It is often people with fine hair who have the impression of having greasy hair quickly.
  • Hair grows overnight or the same day.
  • In summary, the scalp is oily and especially sweaty.
  • Be careful, having to wash your hair every day or every other day does not mean that you have oily hair. All the explanations on excess sebum (fat) are visible by clicking here.

The ideal shampoo for this type of hair is the Energizing Shampoo tailor-made :

shampoing énergisant adapté sur-mesure par Géomer

Mixed hair

  • The roots of the hair are oily and the ends are dry.
  • You have to choose the shampoo according to the condition of the hair, therefore, here, shampoo for dry hair and adapt this tailor-made shampoo according to the excess sebum on the scalp.

a) Mixed hair is fine

cheveux mixtes fins

The ideal shampoo is Algae Shampoo tailored-made:

shampoing aux algues

B) Mixed hair is thick

The hair is thick. Not to be confused with dense hair.

(Mediterranean or North African type):

cheveux mixtes et gros cheveux

The ideal shampoo is Nourishing Shampoo tailored to measure:

shampoing nourrissant adapté sur-mesure

Dry and brittle hair

cheveux cassant

  • Whether the hair is thick or fine, if it is dry and brittle; this means that they have either been damaged by any external action (products, unsuitable or aggressive shampoo, etc.), or that they are poorly supplied with minerals at their roots. Their internal structure is no longer strong enough and the hair breaks.
  • If your hair is in this kind of situation, to be honest, no shampoo or exterior care will be able to properly replenish the hair.. The advertisements that we can see on masks or shampoos to repair brittle hair are deceptive advertisements.
  • To properly repair the hair, the only way is to improve the nourishment of the hair through its roots. Hair is like plants, it feeds on its roots.
  • In case of lack, to help the hair to nourish itself via their roots, Géomer created theOligo F3. Made up of trace elements essential for hair growth, it is the help you need to allow your hair to grow stronger from the inside out.
  • The shampoo alone will bring comfort and SUPERFICIAL flexibility!

The ideal shampoo for dry and brittle hair is Nourishing Shampoo tailored to measure:

shampoing nourrissant

  • When you have brittle hair, adapting your custom shampoo is essential. It will have to be adapted for a slightly or strongly anemic scalp (lack of blood to supply the hair follicles) or a demineralized scalp. It is these two cases that create brittle hair.
  • During the tailor-made adaptation, we will addAmplitude n ° 4 (slight lack of blood or minerals) orAmplitude n ° 5 (significant lack of blood or minerals). Don't forget to put a little bit ofOligo F3 on the scalp to help nourish the hair roots.

Weakened hair

les cheveux sont fragilisés

  • The hair has been damaged by any external action (products, unsuitable or aggressive shampoo, etc.). This is often the case when we use too many chemical treatments.
  • In addition to a seaweed shampoo to respect your weakened hair, we recommend usingOligo F3 in order to help the hair to regenerate itself via its roots.
  • And, if your hair has been strongly weakened, we have developed a specific treatment that you can discover by clicking here >>.

The ideal shampoo is Algae Shampoo tailored to measure:

shampoing aux algues

Fine hair

les cheveux fins

  • Fine hair is, by its nature, very sensitive to demineralization. We must therefore provide them with minerals. And for that, there is nothing better than algae.

The ideal shampoo for fine hair is Algae Shampoo tailored to measure:

shampoing aux algues Géomer

Hair that is colored, bleached, permed or oxidized by the sun.

cheveux colorés et décolorés

  • Coloring, bleaching and perming oxidize the hair. Which means that they open the scales of the hair.
  • Whether made with products or techniques of both natural and chemical origin, the result is the same on the hair. An oxidation is created in order to open the scales of the hair in order to modify the color of these.
  • The result is the same if you want to change the shape of the hair: perms, curls or Brazilian straightening.
  • Nothing serious as long as you use a good shampoo to remedy this.
  • Prolonged exposure of the hair to the sun gives the same oxidation results.
  • Results of this oxidation on the hair: the hair is dull and coarse.
  • This change in hair texture is due to the fact that the scales of the hair are open. They no longer reflect light and become very rough to the touch.
  • It is therefore necessary to use a shampoo which closes the scales of the hair.

The ideal shampoo for this is PH Correcting Shampoo tailored to measure:

shampoing correcteur pH Géomer

  • Specific hair oxidized by colorings, discolorations, perms or exposure to the sun. The pH Correcting Shampoo is to be used during all the period of exposure to UV sun or during coloring and permanent action.
  • Its natural agents with AHA fruit acids close the scales of oxidized hair directly after 2 minutes of pause time. This makes the hair perfectly smooth and shiny naturally.
  • Choose it in the format tailor-made in order to keep a scalp in balance throughout changes of seasons.
  • We will tailor it for free according to your needs based on your answers to the hair questionnaire.
  • To adapt the pH Corrector shampoo, we add one or more Geomer amplitudes depending on your needs and the season in which you order your shampoo.

Hair with dandruff

cheveux avec pellicules

The ideal shampoo is Propolis shampoo :

shampoing propolis Géomer

  • Choose it in the format tailor-made in order to keep a scalp in balance throughout changes of seasons.
  • We will tailor it for free according to your needs based on your answers to the hair questionnaire.
  • To adapt the Propolis shampoo, we add one or more Geomer amplitudes depending on your needs and the season in which you order your shampoo.
  • However, if you need a more specific shampoo for your hair type. Choose the shampoo that matches your hair type and we will adapt it against transient dandruff.

If your hair is curly and / or frizzy, Mediterranean or North African type

cheveux crépus et afros

  • Curly, frizzy and frizzy hair is very often porous. They therefore need a supply of material to help them be toned and shiny.

It's the Nourishing Shampoo rich in shea butter which is recommended:

shampoing nourrissant Géomer

A little extra tip for curly, frizzy or afro hair:

  • After shampooing apply a dab of Hair Balm based on wheat protein on the lengths. No need to rinse. The hair will not be weighed down and will look gorgeous when dried.

baume capillaire géomer

For fans of daily shampoo

homme sous la douche

  • Some people like to wash their hair daily when in the shower.
  • It is recommended not to do more than two shampoos per week. (Click here to understand why >>).
  • Avoid using dry shampoo. This type of shampoo leaves traces of powdery residue on the hair and has no washing, treating or other benefit on the hair.
  • If you really need to wash your hair every day, either out of habit or out of necessity, we have developed a non-foaming liquid shampoo called the Regulating Gel. It can be used every day and will provide great tonic comfort to the scalp and hair without lathering. Because the foam removes the protective sebum from the scalp.

The Regulating Gel washes without foam and is suitable for daily use:

Gel Régulateur Géomer

Very important tips for shampooing properly

coiffeuse qui fait un shampoing Géomer

  • Apply and distribute two pressures of shampoo on a dry or wiped scalp. The purpose of this is to distribute the active ingredients (essential oils) well on the scalp.
  • Massage well with the palms of the hands, gently with the fingertips to distribute the shampoo. Above all, do not rub vigorously with your fingers. This promotes the appearance of sebum on the scalp.
  • Respect the recommended time.
  • Then wet and lather the shampoo by spreading it over the lengths.
  • Rinse it off with warm or cold (not too hot) water.
  • A single shampoo is enough because Géomer products are very concentrated. To do a second one would be a waste of shampoo.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO & Founder Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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