Wild garlic, excellent for skin and hair regrowth

Wild garlic, also called wild garlic, has been recognized and used for over 5,000 years by traditional Chinese medicine to purify the body.

Do you want to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair?

Eat wild garlic!

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Our food is the best medicine because we are the image of what we eat.

  • Wild garlic has been recommended for more than 5000 years by traditional Chinese medicine to purify the body at the end of winter.
  • Wild garlic is wild garlic that grows in the undergrowth in early spring.
  • In fact, each season, nature provides us with the plants that our body needs. Hence the interest of eating ONLY vegetables from the season and from our region.

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  • Bears that spend the whole winter in hibernation like to eat the young shoots of this plant of the undergrowth because it allows them to drain their blood which is thickened and loaded with toxins during the hibernation. Hence the name of this wild garlic: wild garlic.
  • To recognize wild garlic and especially not to confuse it with lily of the valley (which is toxic), it's very simple. It has long pointed leaves on the tip. Each leaf comes out of the earth alone. If you rub a leaf between your fingers, it smells of garlic while those of lily of the valley do not smell.

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You will easily find wild garlic in the undergrowth. Indeed, it likes to grow in very rich, cool and moist soil. In addition, it always grows in large colonies.

Wild garlic has many properties and is very effective in helping to maintain beautiful skin and help regrow hair.

The active ingredients of this wild garlic

  • Wild garlic contains a sulphurous essential oil and a very high content of vitamin C.
  • This means that it is composed of active ingredients similar to the common garlic from our gardens but with much higher concentrations.
  • It is one of the first plants to grow at the end of winter, while our common garlic comes from conservation during this season.
  • To get the most out of the active ingredients in wild garlic, you have to create a reaction between two components in the plant. Alliin and an enzyme called alliinase. To do this, simply crush or chew the leaves or bulb.

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Beneficial for combating hair loss and for obtaining beautiful skin

Since it is a very powerful digestive antiseptic and a most effective depurative, it has exceptional properties participating in the purification of our entire organism. A directly visible result in our skin and obviously our hair.

  1. It slows down very strongly the so-called spring hair loss.
  2. Helps calm itchy scalp and skin.
  3. Very effective in calming and reducing psoriasis of the scalp and skin.
  4. It cleanses all skin problems thanks to its purifying action on our entire body.
  5. Promotes tissue regeneration and thus helps to eliminate wrinkles.
  6. It is recommended for anyone wishing to find a solution against psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, keratosis, and other skin concerns.
  7. However, don't forget to drink properly in order to help the body flush out its toxins: link to article >>

How to consume wild garlic?

First of all, you should know that anything can be cooked. From flowers to the roots. Whether raw or cooked.

Here are some ideas:

  1. In pesto: The leaves are crushed and mixed with olive oil.
  2. As a herb in an omelet.
  3. In soup: We use both the leaves and the roots.
  4. Raw leaves can be added to salads.
  5. A butter mixed with crushed wild garlic leaves.
  6. Asparagus is coming soon and is excellent with a wild garlic vinaigrette.
  7. Depending on your wishes...

Where to find wild garlic?

  • This wild garlic grows mainly in the mountains in cool, damp soils.
  • You don't have one around you? You can find it for sale in various forms on online sites and in some organic stores.
  • But, nothing is more beneficial than consuming the fresh plant! Why not try planting seeds in a shady part of your garden.

In summary :

Eat wild garlic. Your skin and hair will be grateful for it.

Remember that skin and hair problems are first and foremost solved by a healthy, seasonal diet.

It's time to go for a walk in the woods and harvest a healthy crop for the well-being of your skin and your hair!

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