Phyto Gel Bio H 200ml

Phyto Gel Bio H

Hormonal drop stabilizer

Phyto Gel Bio H is the solution against hormonal loss in both men and women.

  • Very effective gel, with guaranteed results, to fight against hair loss called hereditary or androgenic alopecia (AAG)
  • Natural treatment for baldness in men and women
  • Increases the speed of hair growth
  • Stabilizes oily scalps
  • A clinical study confirms its effectiveness

our garantee Without endocrine disruptors natural ingredient

  • Jar 100 ml
  • Jar 200 ml
  • Jar 400 ml
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Phyto Gel Bio H

Stops hormonal hair loss and activates hair regrowth

Product benefits

Phyto Gel Bio H is a specific gel to stop so-called hereditary or hormonal baldness.

Thanks to the bases of ancestral Chinese medicine, Laboratoire Géomer has been able to find how to act effectively against hair loss of hormonal, hereditary origin and has created Phyto Gel Bio H.

Hormonal hair loss is caused by the negative action of hormones on the hair's life cycle. The main component of Phyto Gel Bio H is the extract of Sabal Sérrulata which has the property of naturally blocking the negative effect of hormones and 5 Alpha Reductase.

  • Stabilizes and stops the hormonal, hereditary, androgenic fall.
  • Has no contraindication.
  • Strengthens hair follicles.
  • Controls excess sebum.
  • Allows new hair regrowth in association with the application of Terral Geomer suitable for your scalp.
  • A clinical study attests to the results.
  • The results are GUARANTEED 100% SATISFIED OR REFUNDED for 90 days.
etude cliniqueAsk us for the clinical study >>

Its main components

  • Organic Silicon
  • Sabal Sérrulata
  • Oligo Zinc
  • Sage essential oil
  • Petit Grain essential oil

naturals ingredients

The law of 5 elements

the 5 elements law

Water Element - 5 - Winter: Kidneys - Bladder

Phyto Gel Bio H is connected toElement n ° 5, Water given its energetic action on the kidneys, prostate and bladder.

However, hair loss of hormonal origin which is an indirect consequence of this energy imbalance 5 is, for its part, a loss that takes place all year round.


  1. Every evening (for an optimum result):
  2. Distribute a few lenses over the entire scalp.
  3. Massage with your fingertips to penetrate the product.
  4. Above all, do not rinse.
  5. Phyto Gel Bio H is not bad.
  6. Also remember to perform a scalp massage >>
  7. And to drink water >>


  • 100 ml or 45 applications for 1.5 months of use
  • 200 ml or 90 applications for 3 months of use
  • 500 ml or 225 applications for 7.5 months of use ECONOMICAL FORMAT!

INCI formula

Aqua (water), monomethylsilane triol potassium citrate, carrageenan, sebalaserulata, zinc sulfate, dehydroacetic acid benzyl alcohol (ecocert), citrus aurantium oil, salvia officinalis oil, linalool, d-limonene, geraniol, citral.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and not tested on animals.

Without endocrine disruptors our guarantiee

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By (Plourin-lès-Morlaix, France Métropolitaine) on  18 Jan 2023 (Phyto Gel Bio H) :

Résultats décevants

J'utilise ce produit depuis avril 2021 pour lutter contre la chute de mes cheveux mais je ne constate pas les effets indiqués, je continue à me dégarnir.
En complément de ce produit, j'utilise le terral blanc, le spray régénorsil et un shampooing proposés par ce laboratoire.
Je pensais que cette combinaison allait porter ses fruits mais ce n'est pas ce que je constate.
Pourtant, j'applique ces différents produits conformément à la notice de chacun.

Je suis vraiment déçu du résultat. Peut-être devrais-je me satisfaire en me disant que ce serait pire si je n'utilisais pas ces produits ?

Pour information, en publiant cet avis, je bénéficierai d'un bon de réduction de 5€ sur ce produit.
Ne serait-ce pas une incitation à publier un avis élogieux ?

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By (Noves, France, France Métropolitaine) on  17 Jun 2022 (Phyto Gel Bio H) :


depuis que je l utilise la chute c est arreté et mes cheveux sont beau

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By (CALAIS, France Métropolitaine) on  08 Apr 2022 (Phyto Gel Bio H) :

phyto gel bio h

ce produit est tres bom je le recomande a la clientel il est parfait merci

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