Silicon, a trace element essential to health at every stage of life

Organic Silicon or Monomethylsilanetriol.

  • THEorganic siliconis a trace element, present in the human body from birth. It is very useful in various therapeutic applications: post-operative regeneration, inflammation, joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, healing , hair loss, brittle nails, etc...
  • It is present inside all living beings on Earth. It is a trace element essential to the life of plants, animals and human beings.
  • For humans, manyscientific studieshave demonstrated its importance in countering concerns related to aging and maintaining good health.
  • Be careful not to confuse silicon, silica andorganic silicon. To fully understand the difference, it is important to understand what exactly it is.

silicium organique Forté      

STRONG ORGANIC SILICON = Monomethylsilanetriol

Silicon provides the following benefits:

  • Essential forbonesand thejoint cartilage:solidityAndflexiblee !
  • Improve thequality of blood vessels: elasticity and velocity
  • Preserve theMental Health 
  • Aanti-oxidantWhoreduces the risk of diabetes
  • Aallyto fight thecancer cells.
  • Stimulates themimmune defenses
  • Improves health andskin quality 
  • Improve thehair qualityAndprevents falling 
  • Strengthens thenails

Before understanding how silicon can be such an important ally for our health. It is essential to understand where it comes from and what exactly it is!

What exactly is silicon?

Tableau de Mendeleïev

  • 2nd most abundant element on earth, it makes up 28% of the earth's crust. In Mendeleev's table (periodic classification of chemical elements), it is namedIfand is in 14th position.
  • In the human body, it is non-toxic. It reduces the number of allergies because our body needs it to maintain and stimulate its immune defenses (study).
  • Silicon can couple with many other chemical elements. With 4 oxygen atoms, it forms a silicate. Coupled with aluminum, it becomes alumina silicate. With magnesium, this gives magnesium trisilicate which is an excellent antacid for the stomach and widely used in medicine.
  • The term "Organic Silicon" is used when we add, as a result of a chemical action, one (or more) carbon atom(s) to a silicon atom. This transformation gives a methyl CH3 radical (which makes it lipophilic and allows it to cross easily on the skin, to mix easily with fats) and three alcohol functions (which makes it soluble in water). Chemically modified silicon becomesorganic siliconand is also calledmonomethylsilanetriol.

This Organic Silicon has the best bioavailability, 70% compared to mineral silicon (less than 10% bioavailability)

Silicon in nature

silicium naturel

  • Silicon does not exist as is but in the form of oxides (silicates). It is a hard gray metal which reduces to a brown powder and is a conductor of electricity. The mineral silicon is present in the most modern technologies such as computer chips, solar panels, smartphones. The name Silicon Valley in the USA is due to the presence of many electronic companies, which need a lot of silicon.
  • It's not just in electronics that you can find silicon. It is present in plants and animals. It is also found in the seabed with a concentration 10 times greater at 2000 meters depth than on the surface.
  • Very present in nature, particularly in plants and animals. Although in less quantity in plants than in animals.
  • Silicon in its chemically modified form (organic silicon) is very different from the mineral silicon. Moreeasily assimilatedin its formorganic(70%) than in mineral form (10%) by our body, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.
  • Only plants and microorganisms have the ability to transform the molecules of mineral silicon which is insoluble in water (silica and silicates). Once transformed by these plants, humans can then assimilate 10% of this silicon. Food supplements composed of silicon from plants such as horsetail, oats, nettle, bamboo, parsley, etc. contain silicon that is poorly assimilated by our body, 90% of which is eliminated by the bladder. Excess consumption of this type of silicon can cause kidney stones. Unlike theorganic siliconwhich can be absorbed at will. It is perfectly soluble in water and the excess is easily eliminated via the kidneys.

In summary, there are 4 types of silicon:

  1. L'silicon elementwhich cannot exist alone in nature. It is always part of a molecule. It is a useful trace element for the body.
  2. THEmineral siliconnot soluble in water which is present in sand, rocks. it cannot be assimilated by man or animals.
  3. THEbioavailable mineral siliconwhich is the result of the digestion of its water-insoluble form by plants and microorganisms. Assimilated at 10%, it allows you to benefit from the benefits of silicon.
  4. THEorganic siliconobtained in the laboratory. Soluble in water and fats. It is the most assimilable and the most effective. He is the only one who deserves the name oforganic silicon. Its scientific name ismonomethylsilanetriol.

Who discovered organic silicon?

photo de Norbert Duffaut

  • The use of silicon for therapeutic purposes dates back to ancient times. Many products based on silicon taken from plants were used for their health benefits.
  • So-called organic silicon was first synthesized in 1957 by Norbert Duffaut, an organic chemist at the University of Bordeaux. This organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) was first used as an ointment with extraordinary effectiveness in skin diseases and in particular psoriasis. Currently, ointments are replaced byorganic silicon gelnot fat.
  • Sincemonomethylsilanetriolbecame a food supplement authorized by the European Commission on August 4, 2016. You can find a copy of this authorization in the documents on the presentation page ofStrong organic siliconin the attached documents.

Organic Silicon is ESSENTIAL for the proper functioning of our body.

  • Based on numerousstudiesscientists, silicon helps make collagen. It is therefore the basis for the manufacture of all the tissues of our human body: bones, cartilage, tendons, muscles, skin, hair, nails, arteries and the aorta.
  • The human body needs +/- 50 mg/day of silicon. This intake must be made through our diet.
  • The problem with silicon is that we have a reservoir full of it at birth that we gradually empty as we age. This reduction is even greater in postmenopausal women. A baby is born with a level of 7 grams of silicon in the body. When you reach fifty, there are only about 4 grams left. After 65/70 years, barely 2 grams. This silicon deficiency (see study) makes bones more fragile bringing all the worries of osteoporosis
  • Silicon eliminates excess calcium in our body. It chelates heavy metals dangerous to health such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic (very present in cigarettes). These heavy metals are not very useful for the brain unless you want to have Alzheimer's disease. Thispower of siliconwas demonstrated by the professorChristopher Exleyprofessor of inorganic biochemistry at the University of Keel in England.
  • THEorganic siliconconsumed through the digestive tract is very quickly absorbed via the upper part of the small intestine. An hour and a half after ingestion, organic silicon is at its maximum concentration in the blood. It is then distributed in bones, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, skin and appendages (hair and nails). It is present free in the blood in the form ofsalicylic acid, not bound to proteins (salicylic acid is considered aEssential medicine according toL'World Health OrganizationWHO)

les bienfaits de silicium   silicium organique 

Essential for bones and joint cartilage: strength and flexibility!

  • Silicon is necessary for the synthesis of bone, collagen and elastin for more flexible tissues. Without silicon, there is no collagen. It is necessary from the embryonic stage for the synthesis of bones, collagen and elastin for the most flexible tissues. Chemically speaking, they are proteoglycans which unite complex proteins and sugars.
  • It allows bone tissues to be harder and have better cohesion. Which makes it an excellent ally against osteoporosis. Silicon is present in bones at a rate of 500 mg per kilo of dry tissue. A good concentration of silicon in the human body allows bones to be stronger and less brittle.
  • Silicon is necessary for the binding of calcium to bones. With results much superior (+1000 times) to the fixation of calcium associated with taking vitamin D.recent studieswere able to observe that regular intake of Organic Silicon is associated with an increase in bone mineral density in men and pre-menopausal women. The next time your specialist gives you a prescription for calcium with vitamin D, suggest reading this article.
  • Inaging, when there is a lower consumption of plants compared to animal products, bone and connective tissues no longer have enough silicon to strengthen themselves. Which leaves the door open toosteoporosis. Above all, we must not forget that our body is in its own permanent reconstruction. Even at 100 years old, with either a perfect diet (80% fresh plant products from the garden and a maximum of 20% animal products) or an intake oforganic siliconcorrect (25 ml per day), you rebuild your skeleton every 10 years. It's up to you to choose how you want to age!
  • THEsports pathologiesreach the joints at the level of the tendons and are responsible for hematomas, sprains, tendinitis, micro fractures and especially inflammation and pain. In this case, we use asilicon gelwhich easily penetrates the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It is also very effective in removing stretch marks which are difficult to remove. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the ingestion of daily doses oforganic siliconof 25 ml for a minimum of 6 consecutive months associated with daily skin applications ofsilicon gel.
  • Silicon plays a major role in bone formation and growth. THEscientific studies(pages 99-110) confirm this.

douleurs aux articulations

Essential at the level of the vessels: elasticity and velocity

  • The highest concentration of silicon in our body is found in the aorta. As we age, the elastin content reduces considerably. This causes stiffening of the arteries.
  • The aorta contains glycosaminoglycans which are very important in reducing atherosclerosis. It is important to note that astudydemonstrated that organic silicon is involved in the production of glycosaminoglycans.
  • Blood vessels are connective tissues that need a lot of flexibility to function properly. Maintaining a good silicon content at this level is important if you want to avoid ruptured aneurysms, strokes and heart attacks.
  • Astudycarried out on animals whose arteries were stiffened demonstrated that the intake of organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) eliminates the lesions.
  • For hypertension, regular intake of organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) allows this to be reduced. (see the study) Concerns about high blood pressure promote the appearance of atherosclerosis.

Our brain's best friend: mental health

  • It is well known that aluminum is toxic to the human body. That it is involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Of thestudies carried out in Franceallowed us to conclude that drinkingwater rich in Organic Siliconhelps reduce the risk of dementia and developing Alzheimer's.
  • In addition, otherstudiesprovide evidence that when taking organic silicon for a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months), the body eliminates via urinelarge quantities of aluminum, heavy metals and even arsenic. In short, taking silicon regularly allows you to detoxify (cleanse) your body of everything that does not suit it and which is found in our modern diet.
  • Silicon also has aanti-oxidant effect(see the study) by protecting cells against oxidative stress. At the level of our brain cells, this anti-oxidant effect is additional protection with regard to mental health.
  • In view of all these scientifically proven results, theorganic silicon(monomethylsilanetriol) should be part of our daily diet as a dietary supplement. In order toage healthilyin this modern world.

Anti-oxidant and reduces the risk of diabetes

  • Regular absorption of organic silicon reduces the amount of glucose in the blood and stimulates insulin responsiveness. Of thestudieson animals suffering from diabetes made it possible to discover it.

An ally to fight cancer cells

  • Silicon in its organic form (monomethylsilanetriol) helps activate normal cell division (regeneration) and opposes cell division in cancerous pathologies. Astudy carried out in 1988has made it possible to demonstrate that it is an ally in anti-cancer treatments. Other more in-depth studies are lacking to consolidate these findings.
  • Organic silicon is very useful in helping the body regenerate after chemotherapy, which is often difficult to bear as we age. It will be very useful in helping hair grow back.

Stimulates immune defenses

  • OURimmune systemneeds the proper functioning of thethymus. It is inside this that silicon is the basis for the production of T lymphocytes (see the study). White blood cells also need this Silicon to fight infections.
  • The adrenal glands function better with sufficient silicon to manage the various stresses during the day.
  • According toanother study, silicon acts with arginine to improve the effectiveness of immune defenses.
  • To have or recover good immunity, the presence of silicon is essential.

Improves skin health and quality

  • When we are teenagers, our skin is supple and delicate. This flexibility is due to elastin in which silicon is present in large quantities. As we age, the amount of silicon decreases in our body. It is present in the order of 7 grams at birth and only around 4 grams remain at the age of 50. Lack of silicon makes the skin dry, poorly hydrated and inextensible.
  • The loss of silicon with age is seen with the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks (after childbirth or weight gain). The skin becomes less supple and has difficulty regenerating itself.
  • Organic Silicon easily passes through the skin. The transcutaneous absorption of Organic Silicon placed on the skin with an inhibited compress is demonstrated. A few minutes later, he was found completely in blood.
  • Do you want to postpone the appearance of wrinkles or make those already present disappear? Supplement your body with Organic Silicon (monomethylsilanetriol) orally withStrong Organic Siliconor via asilicon-rich geldirectly applied to the skin.
  • The more your body isrich in silicon, the moreskin remains supple, ofgood consistency, little ornot wrinkled. And if you have a wound,healing will occur quicklywell.
  • One of the flagship products in the Géomer laboratory product range is an anti-wrinkle rich in organic silicon:Mineral Tensor


  • People suffering frompsoriasis, eczema, dermatitisand others... see their skin concerns disappear after 3 less daily intakes ofStrong Organic Silicon 

silicium organique

Strong Organic Silicon

Strengthens the hair fiber and prevents hair loss. Perfect for nails!

  • The hair and nails are called: the appendages. They have the particularity of growing in the epidermis and just like the skin, they need Organic Silicon as the basis for their manufacture.
  • The older we get, the drier and more wrinkled our skin becomes. In terms of hair, it becomes thinner, brittle and falls out. It is common to see many older women with very thinning hair. The same goes for nails which become brittle with age.
  • The presence of organic silicon in skin tissues will allow hair to have more shine, promote renewal and better growth. Of theclinical studieswere able to observe that the presence of silicon has a positive effect on the structure of hair keratin.
  • Organic silicon is a major component of anti-hair loss products from the Géomer laboratory such as:Regenorsil, THEPhytogel Bio H, L'Oligo F3. THEnumerous testimonialsof users in terms of hair regrowth is yet more proof of the effectiveness of Organic Silicon.

How to preserve your silicon reserve?

Traditional Chinese Medicine helps us understand

  • As explained at the beginning of this article, the older we get, the more we lose our body's silicon reserve. This loss begins slowly around the age of 25 and increases between the ages of 40 and 50. ThereTraditional Chinese Medicinedemonstrates this very well withthe law of the 5 elements. The loss of minerals in the human body corresponds to element number 4:metal. Silicon is an important and even essential metal element in all living organisms. Thislaw of the 5 elementsmore than 5000 years old, explains why after the age of 40, the body begins to lack minerals. He is at theautumnof his life. The energy rules that govern our planet make us understand that in the autumn of one's life, we must favor minerals. Eat 80% vegetables that grew on compost of animal and human excrement and make do with 20% meat or fish.
  • Healthy living is a cyclewhich has not changed since the dawn of time. Which is very well described thanks to thelaw of the 5 Elements.
  • In 1,it's the energy of spring,wood= the start of a year and the start of a life from birth to puberty. Everything begins to grow like young shoots full of vigor and silicon.
  • In 2, it's the energy of summer,fire= we are all fire, all flame. In the prime of life = the peak of life. We act without thinking too much and we go for it.
  • In 3, it's the energy of the end of summer,Earth= we finally become mature, we reap the fruits of our actions. We think and we reflect before we act. The famous midlife crisis. We are at the end of the summer of our life and we decide only after reflection. This is when the human body begins to lose its supply of silicon very significantly. This is when you need to put all the waste and excrement produced during the long summer days on your compost, if you want to recover the minerals (silicon) in next spring's food.
  • In 4, it's the energy of autumn,metal= Tree sap begins to flow toward the roots. The leaves of the trees fall to return the minerals drawn during the spring and summer to the ground. This will make compost to provide the energy needed to regrow new leaves next spring. For us human beings, there will not be a new spring. We are slowly moving towards the end of life. It is therefore imperative that the autumn of our life be of quality in order to bring better longevity. This is where it is imperative to preserve as much Silicon (minerals) as possible in our body. In order not to have overly dry skin, hair loss, brittle bones etc. You must supplement your diet withAssimilable Organic Siliconin order to compensate for losses.
  • In 5,it's the energy of winter,the water= a period when energy is lowest. For nature, it is a season of hibernation before a new spring. Whereas for us human beings, it is the winter of our lives. A period of old age whose length will depend on the quality of our vehicle = our human body.

la loi des 5 éléments

  • In view of the lessons provided by the law of the 5 elements, our body needs to be strongly mineralized (especially in Silicon) to spend the winter of its life in the most sustainable way possible and of the best quality possible. To do this, as soon as the aging process begins (around the age of 25), it is necessary to draw from nature the silicon essential to life.
  • And this is the big problem of the modern world!
  • The soils are depleted and unable to regenerate.
  • We consume what is created by the earth (vegetables and meats) but modern civilization no longer returns minerals to the earth as in the past. Our feces go into the toilet water. All of this is then treated in wastewater treatment plants, the sludge of which is not used as fertilizer but burned in energy plants. And this is what creates soil impoverishment. In the past, human excrement was collected to spend the winter in the garden (real compost) and provide very rich vegetables the following spring. We are very far from this period when problems with skin, hair, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer did not exist.
  • The modern vision of Man cannot imagine eating vegetables that grew in soil amended by his own excrement!
  • Modern man wants to live in cities and have all the luxuries at his disposal without having to collect his own waste to recreate his food in his own garden.
  • The animals we eat are also raised on impoverished soils and provide us with poor quality food. It is known that a single apple harvested at the beginning of the century had as many vitamins as 50 current apples, even organic quality apples.
  • It is difficult to find quality silicon in modern power supplies.
  • The silicon present in vegetables or in nature is very poorly assimilated (see at the beginning of the article) by our body.
  • Thanks to Norbert Duffaut since 1959, (who would have deserved worldwide recognition as a Nobel Prize) it is possible to provide the human body with chemically modified silicon (addition of a carbon atom) and completely assimilable: Organic Silicon
  • You can find this precious Silicon in theOrganic silicon ForteofLaboratoire Géomer 

Does Organic Silicon have any contraindications?

  • To date, scientists have not discovered any danger linked to the consumption ofreal organic silicon: monomethylsilanetriol.(Chemically modified silicon). This monomethylsilanetriol food supplement is authorized by decision of the European Commission dated August 4, 2016 under number 2016/1344.
  • The only danger identified is linked to overconsumption of the trace element silicon from plants or in nature. Because it can create kidney stones.
  • You will find on the market, in pharmacies, a good number of products labeled “organic silicon” derived from plants. Or based on ortho silicic acid (OSA) which are organic in name only.
  • As for monomethylsilanetriol, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has not validated the benefits of Organic Silicon. EFSA has therefore prohibited the mention of beneficial effects as health claims.
  • Organic silicon is only considered a dietary supplement that helps maintain the human body and not as a medicine. It does not treat or replace any medication.
  • Only consumers who dare to trust alternative products will be able to see for themselves the benefits provided by Organic Silicon.

In summary, as you have understood, organic silicon is a trace element essential to health and longevity, at all ages of life.

silicium organique

I wish you all good health

Personally, I consume it every morning on an empty stomach!

Alain Ledroit

Alain Ledroit
CeoLaboratoire Géomer 
Reiki Master Usui

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