Thicker Hair, Strengthened Eyelashes, and Eliminated Intestinal Cramps with Labo

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Thicker hair, stronger eyelashes and intestinal cramps gone:

Géomer gave me a solution where nothing else on the market worked

Thicker hair and eyelashes:

  • I have long natural hair. These are quite fine and what's more, I lose them a lot throughout the year. This fall only gets worse each winter!
  • During the winter, I took vitamins (examples: Forcapil or Vitacys) for 30 days in order to strengthen them and, above all, lose them less. Unfortunately, I was not digesting the vitamins well and the desired result was not there. When taking the vitamins, the hair is more beautiful but only during the treatment.
  • I completed the online form to have a complete diagnosis regarding my hair loss.

On the advice of Geomer:

  • I use thealgae shampoo. Thanks to this, I went from three washes to ONLY one per week. Which is already remarkable and saves me from having to use the hair dryer too much.
  • Every evening, I applyOligo F3on the roots.
  • I lose less hair during drying.
  • L'Oligo F3combined withStrong Organic Siliconresulted in reduced hair loss and thickened/strengthened hair.
  • My hairdresser is amazed to see me less often.
  • When I make an appointment to cut the ends, she tells me that my hair is much stronger and the ends are less damaged than before.
  • The same goes for my eyelashes, I've been curling them for months. The eyelash curler damages a lot but I can't do without it.
  • Every evening, I apply a littleOligo F3on my eyelashes as if I were putting makeup on them.
  • Thanks to the two Geomer products my eyelashes have become more resistant.

Intestinal cramps:

  • Since childhood, I have had intestinal problems.
  • Whether I eat healthy or fatter, I end up having severe cramps in my intestines.
  • After several examinations and blood tests, I was diagnosedlactose intolerant. So I tried a few medications for a period then I turned to homeopathy but unfortunately nothing worked. The cramps were still there.
  • I heard about theForte organic silicon, so I tested one dose per day, in the morning before breakfast.
  • The cramps were starting to subside. I was advised to take 3 per day in the morning.
  • This is what I tried on my vacation.
  • I was pleasantly surprised and relieved because I was able to eat everything, even very late in the evening, without any worries. I had no pain or cramps during the night.
  • Additionally, thestrong organic siliconalso had a significant effect on my hair and eyelashes.

I recommend Geomer products if you have the same problems as me.

I would like to thank the Geomer team for their advice and follow-up.


Melanie Van Nieuwenhuyse

6040 Jumet - Belgium

shampoing aux algues   oligo F3   silicium organique

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