Cramp Relief and Improved Sleep with Organic Silicon Forte

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I had cramping problems and Géomer found the solution for me

No more cramps after a month with Organic Silicon Forte to drink and in gel!

I have had problems with toe and leg cramps for a long time and it was becoming a real problem especially at night.

Before, I had painful periods and then it calmed down. But in recent months, it has become unbearable.

However, I have already tried lots of tips that were offered to me (magnesium cures, verbena tea, massages with essential oils, Marseille soap in the bottom of the bed and so on…) but nothing worked. was walking.

A friend advised me to try Silicon. My first reaction was to tell him "that doesn't work either. I've already had treatment prescribed by a doctor and it didn't change anything!". Then he told me to try Forte Organic Silicon because it is highly assimilable by the body and therefore more effective than classic silicon.

Following the advice, I agreed to try the experiment. The Géomer manager explains to me a little about the role and advantages of organic silicon, and how to use it ( see the article ). Not too complicated and above all easy to do. Being "in a period of crisis" he advises me to drink 3 small cups (dosers supplied with the bottle) of Silicium Organique Forte per day and to massage the most painful areas with Silicium Forte Gel . Okay, the taste is special but by leaving it in the fridge, it's okay and above all it goes straight away, you don't have a bad taste in your mouth!

He suggested that I try the products, telling me that if it didn't give any positive results, he would refund me (“satisfied or your money back” principle). I said to myself at this point, there is no risk in me trying the experiment except that it might work!

I started on July 25, 2021, and well after a week, I still had cramps but I continued, telling myself maybe it's too early to stop and have results.

The 2nd week, I noticed a sharp reduction in the number of cramps per night. This motivates!

The 3rd week, I had almost no more pain. The onset of cramps is rare and there are no real cramps at all.

It is August 19, 2021, so in less than a month of daily intake of Silicium Organique Forte, I already have very good results! It's motivating to continue the treatment as recommended for 2 or 3 months and then I can move on to one measuring cup per day.

The pleasure of finding more peaceful sleep without being woken up several times a night by pain.

Honestly, if you have the same problems with cramps, try Géomer Organic Silicium Forte .

I hope that my testimony will help other people who, like me, suffered from cramps.

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