Nadège Poret's Testimonial on Hair and Skin Care by Laboratoire Géomer

New hair and more beautiful skin

Thanks to the valuable advice of the technical service ofLaboratoire Géomer:

  • I started my treatment in September 2021, my hair was in a catastrophic state with very heavy loss on extremely fine hair.
  • I called Mr Ledroit who gave me a very specific prescription with aalgae shampoo, Awhite clay mask,phyto F3, regenorsilandsilicon to drink.As I needed to wash my hair often, we added the regulating gel which allows more frequent washing without shampooing (making foam).
  • What was visible at first was an unexpected result on the skin, softer, brighter, more hydrated. My hair is undeniably more beautiful at first but without regrowth or stopping hair loss.
  • After some time, I called Mr Alain Ledroit back to tell him my concerns, he asked me questions about my way of doing the treatment. It turned out that I left the mask on too long (1 hour). In fact, you should leave it on for 20 minutes maximum.
  • So I listened to his advice by doing the treatment correctly while respecting the break time.
  • And there, miraculously, after 3 months I think, my hair loss almost stopped and especially regrowth on the temples and on the top of the head for the first time in years.
  • So yes, they are still fine, but I did something stupid again this summer thinking I was doing it right, I used the gray terral instead of the white. Mr Ledroit told me that if I had respected the terrain in relation to the seasons as he says, I would have had more results.
  • The treatment requires patience but above all discipline and attentive listening.
  • Above all, don't do like me, take one product rather than another...
  • As far as I'm concerned, I've come a long way, I'm 59 years old, I've been losing my fine hair since I was 20, for a moment I thought I was going bald.
  • I can tell you that the problem is reversible provided you do the treatment correctly, with the right products depending on the season, and respect the break time.
  • Today my scalp is extremely healthy. I can go a few days without shampoo or regulator, my hair is fine, beautiful and shiny.
  • I hardly lose any hair when brushing, and above all there is regrowth everywhere.
  • My skin today, in addition to being well hydrated, has firmed up especially on my thighs, my eye wrinkles are much less marked, the skin on my neck and décolleté has become very firmer.
  • I'm not ready to stop using silicon. Today I am in phase 3 of the treatment, I continue it with pleasure because the results are there, and in addition with oral silicon, I am cleaning my liver, I am working against osteoporosis, I had pain in the lower back which is now non-existent. What I'm waiting for now is a non-sparse head, they still are a little to this day.
  • I will come back with another testimony with a photo taken today and a photo in 3 months, that is to say mid-January.
  • Today, I no longer buy anything for my skin, I was spending money unnecessarily.
  • I devote my hair/skin budget to Géomer products.

Thanks to the entire teamLaboratoire Géomer.

Nadège Poret

Nadège Poret Hubert

F-51150 - PLIVOT

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