Regenorsil 100 ml


Cellular Regenerator with Organic Silicon

Regenorsil is rich in Organic Silicon. It helps rapid regeneration of skin cells as soon as it is applied and helps fight skin aging. Its direct action makes it possible to:

  • Regenerate the skin from the inside
  • Promote the disappearance of wrinkles
  • Soften the skin by helping it to re-mineralize
  • Help regrow new hair
  • Rebuild skin and hair cells
  • 100% assimilable by the skin

ingrédients naturels garantis sans perturbateurs endocriniens garantie Géomer

  • Jar 100 ml
  • Jar 200 ml
  • Jar 400 ml

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The cell regenerator par excellence!

Are you looking for a product with natural ingredients that promotes cell regeneration to stop skin aging?

Regenorsil is the ideal product for all skin types because it is composed of organic organic silicon 100% assimilable by the skin. Its effectiveness has been proven over the years.

Product benefits

On the skin :

  • It helps the skin to better nourish itself from the inside and thus to regenerate itself.
  • The skin becomes more supple, rejuvenates from the inside.
  • Ideal complement to day and night creams because it allows their active ingredients to act perfectly.
  • As a cell regenerator: It promotes the disappearance of wrinkles on the face thanks to its high concentrations of Organic Silicon.

On the skin of the body:

  • Allows all skin types to regenerate from the inside thanks to Organic Silicon.
  • Dry skin is better hydrated.
  • Oily skin stabilizes more quickly.
  • Promotes the disappearance of wrinkles by helping the metabolism of skin fibers to be strengthened.

On the scalp:

It boosts and promotes hair growth by providing the Organic Silicon that is lacking during skin aging and during hair loss.

Warning, because of its very important cell activating action, we do not recommend using Regenorsil more than twice a week (during a complete treatment with Terral Géomer) as long as your hair loss is not stabilized because it will accelerate the premature fall of dead hair. This can be disturbing in the event of falls at the start of anti-hair loss treatment.

Wait until you reach the stabilization phase of the fall to use Regenorsil. This will then immediately accelerate the regrowth. Organic Silicon promotes hair growth, cell reconstitution. At this time, you can use it every other day. Avoid daily as it will make the hair grow too fast and thin.

The law of 5 elements

loi 5 éléments

Associated with all Elements

Regenorsil is not related to an imbalance of a particular element but is useful throughout the year and for all energies.

Its main assets

ingredients naturels

Essential Oils of:

  • Thyme
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Clove
  • Juniper berries
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sage

As well as:

  • Magnesium
  • Organic Silicon


  • Once the fall is stabilized, when the regrowth of the new hair begins:
  • Spray on the scalp twice a week maximum.
  • Apply Regenorsil directly to the skin and work it in by massaging your scalp with your fingertips or with a soaked cotton pad.
  • To be done before applying Phytogel Bio H and Oligo F3.
  • Before each styling or brushing, it gives texture to the hair and can be combined with Oligo Universel.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Doesn't hurt the skin or the hair.


  • 100 ml = 100 applications
  • 200 ml = 200 applications
  • 500 ml = 500 applications

INCI formula

aqua-silanetriol potassium citrate-algin- Cyanocobalamin, aqua (water), polysorbate 20, apricot kernel oil polyglyceryl-10 ester, dehydroacetic acid / benzyl alcohol, alcohol, magnesium gluconate, thymus sateroides oil, lavendula officinalis oil, citrus limonum oil, clove (eugenia carpophyllus) oil, juniperus communis oil , eucalyptus globulus oil, salvia officinalis oil, d limonene, eugenol, linalool.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and not tested on animals.

sans OGMgarantiesans perturbateurs endocriniens

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By (Helmsange, Luxembourg) on  21 Oct 2023 (Regenorsil) :

Rides et hydratation

Je valide. Coup d'éclat et hydratation sur le visage chaque matin et soir. Réduit les rides d'expression.

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By (Vachères, France Métropolitaine) on  17 Sep 2023 (Regenorsil) :


Mon produit préféré! Dès les premières applications le résultat est visible, la peau est hydratée et régénérée. Je l'utilise sur le visage et corps, mon décolleté était très ridé et maintenant j'ose le montrer!

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By (Epinois , Belgique) on  13 Sep 2023 (Regenorsil) :


Produit très agréable pour la peau et les cheveux - rafraichissant - donne de l'éclat - sensation de bien-être - efficace !

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