Carole Didier's Testimonial: Hair Recovery with Géomer

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Géomer, a story that began 20 years ago.

I became aware of the Géomer brand of products more than 20 years ago following my first pregnancy. I realized a few months later that I had lost my hair to the point that I could see my scalp and the shine of it which reminded me of someone bald. Being a beautician, I pay attention to my appearance . So I looked in the directory and found a hair salon in Audincourt that specialized in this area at the time. I used Phytogel Bio H as well as the white terral mask and the Géomer algae shampoo recommended by this hairdresser.

4 years later, a second pregnancy. There, I found the products on the website www. My problem being less serious than the first time, I followed the recommended treatments less seriously, which was my mistake, since I lost my hair again!

And this year I decided to start again and I obviously thought of Géomer and when I saw the site, I was delighted to see that the brand had evolved well with a very attractive site, so I went for it ! My scalp was becoming increasingly visible, my hair was very thin, my scalp was shiny and itchy. Today, I use Terral Blanc, Oligof3, Régénorsil, Hair Balm, Algae Shampoo, Phyto Douce Emulsion, as well as facial products. I've been doing the treatment for 2 months and I'm starting to see the effects, my scalp is more supple, my hair is fuller and I feel little hairs on my scalp.

I will never again use products other than Géomer on my scalp. I also use face and body products that I love. The textures and smells are very pleasant and I feel the effects well. I will continue like this and try other products that tempt me and I highly recommend Géomer to everyone

Carole Didier

Carole Didier (France - 70170 Port-Sur-Saône)

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