hair balm 100 ml
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Hair balm

Wheat Protein Protective Conditioner

  • Allows a ultra easy disentangling of all hair types
  • Brings shine and volume
  • The perfect treatment for porous and dry hair
  • Care feeding and sheathing. he repair the parched ends of damaged hair.
  • Very concentrated, a teaspoon is enough per application.

ingrédients naturels garantis sans perturbateurs endocriniens garantie Géomer

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Hair Balm

Detangling and repairing conditioner for all hair types

Much more than a conditioner, Hair Balm is a true deep treatment suitable for all hair types. It is the product of the Laboratoire Géomer the most appreciated by hairdressing professionals thanks to its many applications and repairing benefits for the hair. And, this from the first application.

Product benefits

The concentration of this product allows a double use:

  1. In small quantities, it facilitates disentangling and smoothing of all hair types.
  2. In larger quantities, it can be applied to the hair and stored for 10 minutes before being rinsed for nourish and sheath parched and sensitized tips.

In both use cases, it presents the particularity of not weighing down the hair. It brings shine and lightness to the hair.

  • It is composed of natural moisturizing and sheathing agents and enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein and gluten.
  • Real care and beauty product for all hair.
  • Very popular with afro hair, curly, frizzy and very dry hair.

The law of 5 elements

5 éléments

This comfort product being suitable for all types of hair (healthy, fine, coarse, dry, porous, curly, colored, permed, long and short ...), it does not fall into the categories of the law of the 5 elements.

Its main components

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • Hydrolyzed Gluten Protein
  • Sheathing and moisturizing agents such as triglyceride emollients 100% of natural origin

ingredients naturels


To detangle, soften and shine hair:

  1. After rinsing the shampoo:
  2. IMPORTANT: Above all, do not wipe the hair. Leave your hair soaked in water.
  3. Put in the palm of a dry hand the equivalent of a teaspoon of Hair Balm.
  4. Rub both hands well against each other to heat the product to 31 degrees.
  5. When the product is well heated, it turns white.
  6. Distribute it over all of your hair like wiping your hands.
  7. Do not comb!
  8. Run water for 5 seconds from the forehead to the nape of the neck to distribute the product all over the hair.
  9. Then paint.
  10. If the disentangling is easy, it is because the product has been applied.
  11. If not, wipe your hands to take a little more product and start again.
  12. Leave on for 2 minutes.
  13. Then, rinse thoroughly for very fine hair.
  14. Rinse lightly for medium structured hair.
  15. Do not rinse, for thick hair, large caliber (southern European, North African type).
  16. Finish with natural or thermal drying.
Frequency of applications:
  • To do after each shampoo

To repair brittle hair:

  • After rinsing the shampoo:
  • Repeat the application, as explained above, but using 4 times more product.
  • Leave on for 1 hour in the open air.
  • To speed up the repair, you can place the hair under a supply of heat for 15 minutes.
  • Then rinse well.
  • Use the Hair Balm again in detangling function.
Frequency of applications:
  • Once a week until the hair is soft and repaired.
  • The brittle and forked hair loses its fragility and restructures after 4 successive treatments (4 weeks).


  • Pot 100 ml = is 30 applications of disentangling.
  • Pot 250 ml = is 75 applications of disentangling.
  • Pot 500 ml = 150 applications of disentangling Economic format

INCI formula

Aqua (Water), cetearyl alcohol / dipalmitoylethyl hydroxuethylmonium methosulfate / ceteareth-20, decyl oleate, hydrolysed wheat protein, citric acid, caramel, parfum, hexylcinnamal, benzylsalicylate.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and not tested on animals.

livraisons offertesans OGMgarantiesans perturbateurs endocriniens

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By (Helmsange, Luxembourg) on  06 Sep 2023 (Hair balm) :

cheveux denses, très épais, poreux, très secs.

Comme le shampooing, l'après-shampooing fait très bien son travail. Résultats TOPS. Démélage, hydratation, brillance, propreté, respect mouvements naturels des cheveux, durée des résultats! 2 utilisations par semaine et c'est parfait.

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By (Haine-Saint-Paul, Belgique) on  04 May 2023 (Hair balm) :

Le produit de toute la famille

Adopté par une adolescente aux cheveux africains, un jeune adulte aux cheveux bouclés et moi-même, cheveux ondulés, le baume capillaire rempli toutes ses promesses. Démêlage exceptionnel, entretien des boucles et cheveux nourris, souples et brillants.
Merci géomer

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By (Ville La Grand, France Métropolitaine) on  11 Oct 2021 (Hair balm) :

Baume épais

Ce baume ne convient pas du tout à mes cheveux. Il les alourdit sans les nourrir.

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Sachez que le baume capillaire n'alourdi pas du tout même sur des cheveux fins comme de la soie.
Si vous trouvez que le baume capillaire ne nourrit pas vos cheveux, c'est que ne l'utilisez pas correctement. Tous nos revendeurs coiffeurs sont fans de ce produit.
Nous vous conseillons de bien suivre le mode d'emploi :
1 Laisser de l'eau sur la chevelure après les shampoing
2 Ensuite s'essuyer les mains et chauffer une noisette de baume capillaire dans les mains afin de l'émulsionner. Il va devenir tout blanc
3 L'appliquer sur le dessus de la chevelure et ensuite faire passer sur la chevelure un filet d'eau qui va répartir le produit dans la masse
4 Si cette opération est bien faite, vous pouvez ensuite démêler très facilement
5 Temps de pause de 4 minutes afin de laisser la protéine de blé agir
6 Ensuite bien rincer sur cheveux fins. Rincez à moitié sur cheveux normaux et ne pas rincer du tout sur gros cheveux épais.
Si avez des cheveux très secs alors il faut l'utiliser d'une autre manière qui est expliquée ici :

Shop owner reply on 11 Oct 2021