Why Organic Silicon cannot be put in a glass container

Never put Forté Organic Silicon in contact with glass and metal.

Monomethylsilanetriol is a form of organic silicon. When in solution, this compound is unstable in the presence of certain materials, including glass and metal. There are a few reasons why it is recommended not to store or handle Monomethylsilanetriol solutions in glass or metal containers:

  1. Reactivity with glass : Glass is essentially composed of silicon dioxide. Monomethylsilanetriol may react with silicon dioxide to form siloxane bonds, which may cause the solution to degrade or gel. Additionally, this reaction can deplete the Monomethylsilanetriol from the solution, thereby reducing its effectiveness or intended purpose.

  2. Reactivity with Certain Metals : Monomethylsilanetriol may also react with certain metals, causing corrosion or the formation of undesirable salts which may alter the composition or effectiveness of the solution.

  3. Storage and Stability : Specific plastics are often chosen for storing Monomethylsilanetriol solutions because they do not chemically interfere with the solution. This helps maintain the stability and concentration of Monomethylsilanetriol for a longer period of time.

For these reasons, when sold for consumption, monomethylsilanetriol is usually packaged in specific plastic containers that will not react with the solution and cause product degradation.

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