Arthritis and Organic Silicon Forte: René and Monique's Testimonial

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René, 82 years old, and Monique, 76 years old, testify

Finally, incomparable relief from osteoarthritis pain with Silicium Organique Forte.

Good morning,

  • I have82 years oldand my wife Monique76 years old. Wewe both suffer from osteoarthritisat the level ofhandsandlegs.
  • My wife was a hairdresser,back and leg paincome from the unstable position caused by his work. For the hands and shoulders, it was the systematic repetition of the gestures required for styling that caused the pain.
  • For my part, excessive manual work cannot be implied during my career because I was an engineer accustomed to office work. But the gradual wear and tear is probably due to the years, DIY and gardening since I retired.
  • For almost40 years, my wife and I, sufferedtreatments. Eitherinjectionsat the level of the joints, i.e.sedativesor someanti-inflammatories. Allthese treatments are ephemeral.
  • Personally, I received two very expensive treatments byfetal pig cartilage injections, currently very difficult to obtain. Thesetreatmentssame effectiveare not very durable.
  • As for my wife,his back pain is present all the time. She loves gardening but cannot do it and this frustrates her greatly. Unfortunately after consultations andexaminations by 3 specialists, the conclusions are identical.No surgery possible without risk of loss of movementt, the only recourse being sedatives and anti-inflammatories (which cause pain in the stomach).
  • Our son advised usto take Strong Organic Silicon as well asStrong Organic Silicon Gel. We take some3 doses per dayas well as themassage gelfor the joints.
  • After around 10 days of daily intakeofStrong Organic Silicon, THEresult is surprising. We have foundbetter flexibility of the wrist and knees. THEpain is finally goneAndthis goes on. My wife, who occasionally enjoys gardening, can do so again.
  • It's not a total cure because we've been taking it for 3 months, butincomparable relief compared to medications.
  • Personally,The morningwhen I get up,the movements are a little painful. It takes me a good hour before these difficulties disappear. It's been 3 months now that I've been takingStrong Organic Siliconevery morning and I notice thatI no longer have these movement difficulties when I wake upL. I was even surprised to be able to redo the cement joints of my terrace which is 80 m². What I couldn't have done before takingStrong Organic Silicon.
  • A friend of my wife (84 years old) also suffering from osteoarthritis tried theStrong Organic Silicona month ago. Today she also wants to continue this treatment because she also has significant results.
  • I recommend itStrong Organic Siliconto all those who, like us, suffer from osteoarthritis pain. Because the results obtained far exceed those of drugs and even those of other Silicon sold in pharmacies.
  • here arephotos of my wife who cleans her garden at 76 years old without any pain. I took these photos to send to my son, I was so surprised and happy to see her gardening again after so many years without being able to do so.

   Monique Dechamps                Monique Dechamps

A big thank you to our son and to Géomer for letting us know thisStrong Organic Siliconwho welets you move again!

René Ledroit et Monique Dechamps

René Ledroit and Monique Dechamps

(6210 Les Bons-Villers - Belgium)

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