Autumn and Beauty: Hair Loss and Dry Skin

Autumn = leaf fall and hair loss

  • Finally revealed, the reason why we lose our hair in the fall.
  • To stop seasonal hair loss or properly hydrate dry skin, you need to understand what is happening in nature.
  • Find out how Géomer found the solution to the problems of hair loss and dry skin.

chute des feuilles = chute des cheveux

Why does our hair fall out in the fall?

And my skin is so dry that I hydrate it well ...

These two observations are well known to all.

cheveux tombés sur la brosse peau sèche

  • Those who lose their hair en masse, just like those with very dry skin, are all disappointed.
  • No product seems to be effective. To believe that autumn is the season when the only beneficiaries are the cosmetics manufacturers.
  • It is during this period that there are the most advertisements for miracle solutions against hair loss and for body milk ... And the worst part is that nothing seems to work!

The hair continues to fall out and the skin is increasingly drier.

mains sèches

What to do not to pluck and not to have a lizard skin?

Back to basics: The seasons influence how our body works

  • Just like the nature around us, we are influenced by the seasons.
  • To understand what is happening to our skin and scalp, we need to know the exact reason why trees are shedding leaves.

Why do the leaves fall in autumn?

paysage d'automne

  • The function of the leaves of the tree is to produce oxygen via photosynthesis from the CO2 in the air, water drawn from the roots and radiation from the sun.
  • But in autumn, the sap of the tree slows down its activity in order to protect it from the cold of the approaching winter.
  • Indeed, without this protection, the leaves of the trees would be completely "burned" by the winter frost. Which would weaken the leafy trees.
  • There is therefore, in nature, an energy that allows trees to slow down the flow of their sap during the fall. The sap of the tree is returned to the roots, sheltered from frost throughout the winter.

Ok for the trees, but we don't have any sap in our body!

  • Tree sap is made up of water and minerals.
  • And we must not forget that the human body is also made up of water. It consists of 75% water at birth.
  • We go from 70% to 60% for an adult, even 50% for an elderly person.

les stades de la vie

  • It is well known that the moon, which influences the tides, also influences the human body because it is mainly composed of water.
  • Just like tree sap, our blood (composed mainly of water and minerals) will therefore undergo the same fall influence.
  • For trees, the sap goes back down to the roots to protect the tree from frost.
  • As far as our body is concerned, it is the blood which will be less present under the surface of the skin in order to irrigate the tissues inside our body as much as possible during the winter. (Protective mechanism of the human body = just like the nature around us)

What does this have to do with dry skin and more hair loss in the fall?

  • Given that from the arrival of autumn the blood is less present under the skin, this means that our skin is less well nourished than in summer.
  • We must not forget that it is the blood that nourishes the tissues of the human body by providing them with the minerals necessary for their proper functioning.

At the level of the skin:

  • When the skin is lacking in minerals, it can no longer fix the quantity of water necessary for good internal hydration. This will lead to dry skin in the hypodermis (inner layers of the skin).
  • It is at this time that we notice that the products sold to hydrate the skin no longer work.
  • Indeed, a moisturizer for the skin is generally a milk or a lotion which contains a great deal of water.
  • But it is not water that the skin needs. It needs minerals to fix the water in these moisturizers.
  • So this is the real reason for dry skin!

At the level of the hair:

  • Hair, like all tissues in the human body, needs minerals for its growth.
  • As fall approaches, there is much less blood under the skin. As a result, the hair fed by its roots implanted in the scalp (the skin of the skull) will no longer receive enough blood.
  • And, if the roots were already poorly supplied with minerals (which is the case with many people with mild hair loss), then hair loss will quickly become catastrophic.

chute de cheveux importante

The classic reflex is to take vitamins or food supplements. But it doesn't work!

compléments alimentaires

Why ?

  • Whether it's vitamins, supplements, or other so-called magic potions, they're going to need to be digested in your stomach.
  • Then, they will be assimilated by your intestines and then go to your scalp via the blood.
  • But the blood does not easily reach the scalp during the fall.
  • In addition, because of this autumn energy, there will be little blood under the skin, so the same goes for the scalp.
  • This is the reason why nothing works and why the hair falls out more and more throughout the fall season.

Is it possible to properly hydrate skin and stop hair loss in the fall?

  • The only way to counter these negative effects of fall: is to bring the minerals that are missing on the surface and everything will return to order.

la solution à la chute de cheveux

Provide the skin with the necessary minerals = THE energy solution from Laboratoire Géomer

This is why Laboratoire Géomer has developed products for the skin and scalp which provide the minerals necessary for their proper functioning. This is where one of our most important ingredients, Organic Silicon, demonstrates its effectiveness in the fall.

organic silicon

To stop fall fall and regrow hair

Go for a real re-mineralization of your scalp and you can again be proud of your hair.

A winning mineral association to save hair:

The Terral Blanc : Powerful mineralizer and deep drainer for the skin and scalp.


Oligo F3 : Mineral growth activator rich in Iron, Copper and Zinc, and essential oils.

terral blanc géomer oligo f3 géomer

The results

The users talk about it the best!

Mrs Christine labat (29200 Brest - France) did not believe it.

  • Her hair loss has stopped and new hair is growing back.
  • She was advised by her hairdresser, a specialist in Géomer products. (The hair box, 33 rue du Professeur Langevin, 29200 Brest).
  • Discover all of his testimony >>

témoignage Stéphanie Labat repousse cheveux

Mr. Stephane Laugier (66250 Saint-Laurent-de-la Salanque - France) had started by taking pictures to be reimbursed in case there had been no regrowth ...

  • But the results are there.
  • Since I use Géomer my hair is more resistant and those that had fallen grow back.
  • Discover his testimony >>

Discover all the testimonials HERE >>

To have beautiful, well-hydrated skin during the fall period

Here is the solution:Phyto Douce Emulsion :

emulsion phyto douce

Phyto Douce Emulsion : Provides minerals and hydration thanks to wheat protein, coconut extract and essential oils (Ylang-Ylang, mint, ...)

The results

Discover the opinions of users of this Phyto Douce Minérale Emulsion:

témoignage avis client

Caroline Zak explains how she found out about this Phyto Douce Emulsion randomly ... click here >>

But also the Restorative cream hands and feet:

crème réparatrice

For very very dry hands and feet. Its richness in wheat protein and in sulfur provides the internal hydration necessary to fill dry skin and cracks. There is no better than the Restorative cream for dry hands and feet. In addition, it penetrates very quickly and does not tackle at all!

In short, we have to understand what is going on in nature in order to be able to find the solution to our seasonal problems.

Let's get back to basics and learn to live in balance with the nature that surrounds us. The solution is still before us. You just have to open your eyes.

Alain Ledroit

Alain Ledroit
Ceo & Founder Géomer laboratory
Reiki Master Usui

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