A marathon athlete shows her cellulite

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Dorothy Beal says: Despite being a marathon and running specialist, she also has cellulite!

Cellulite, the enemy to eliminate!

How to beat cellulite?

All women, even sportswomen, are subject to it

By sharing this photo on her Instagram account that she named "I have runners body", (I have a runner's body) Dorothy Beal proves that cellulite is present even in confirmed athletes.

cellulite sportif, cellulite photo

This double photo, Dorothy did not accept immediately. She sabotaged him, during a good day, the confidence she had in her. Indeed, on the right we can clearly see all the joy she has in doing sport while in the photo on the left we can clearly see the clumps of cellulite hanging under her skin.

The presence of cellulite is not due to being overweight!

  • Although cellulite is small clumps of fat that lodge under the skin, their origin is linked to the subcutaneous circulatory system which can, for a number of reasons, be somewhat faulty.
  • In the case of this athletic specialist in running, we must realize that when she runs very long distances, the blood circulation will "settle" in the legs. The shocks due to regular strides will promote a downward pressure in the blood circulation, whereas the ideal would be to promote it upwards.
  • This is the case with all sports where you have to stand for hours, such as tennis. Many tennis women also have this concern about the presence of cellulite.
  • The ideal sport for having perfect circulation is swimming because the position is horizontal and the weight of the body is distributed evenly. During the practice of swimming, the blood circulation will be done correctly and the lymphatic elimination consequently too.

Here are my tips to permanently eradicate cellulite

6 effective steps to get rid of cellulite:

femme sport

  • Like overweight, cellulite represents for many of you an enemy to be eradicated. But, the problem is that these clumps of fat cells, nicknamed orange peel because of their appearance, are often tough.
  • If you feel like you're doing everything to put an end to cellulite but not getting any improvement, just like Dorothy Beal, this article is for you!
  • Today I am offering you an anti-cellulite attack plan. If you follow my advice and hold on, the apprehension when it comes to putting on a swimsuit will be a distant memory.

Let's go !


  • To effectively fight cellulite, you must first understand what cellulite is and how it appears.
  • Cellulite is an accumulation of fat and a change in fatty tissue in certain parts of the body. If women are more affected by this phenomenon due in particular to their hormonal and especially circulatory system which is linked to the 5th element of Chinese medicine (water element), men may also be affected. The favorite places for cellulite are the thighs, buttocks, arms and sometimes the stomach. In addition, in order to better understand this phenomenon, it should be understood that cellulite is not necessarily linked to a problem of overweight (even if the latter generally promotes the appearance of orange peel). Very slender people can have it and even are very athletic.
  • Cellulite comes from a saturation of the storage capacities of cells. If the number of fat cells (adipocytes) increases, the compartments in which they are found begin to swell. The skin then takes on a padded appearance.
  • Cellulite is therefore, as you will understand, an inflammatory reaction in the hypodermis.
  • And, it is precisely this inflammation that must be treated.
  • You will easily understand that under these conditions it is not easy to get rid of this cellulite.

1st tip:


  • The first thing you need to do to beat cellulite is to banish fast sugars from your diet. And there, we are well aware of it, it is a first step which can seem particularly difficult to take. Consuming sugar, especially refined sugar in all its forms, causes a significant secretion of insulin. Remember that fat cells are very sensitive to this hormone secreted by the pancreas. This results in the transformation of sugar into glycogen and its storage in the cells.
  • Fast sugars must therefore be eradicated!
  • Also, note that when we talk about fast sugars, we are not just talking about powdered sugar or candy. White grains - especially when overcooked, such as pasta or rice - are sources of fast sugars.
  • Besides the withdrawal of sweet products, it is therefore necessary to favor whole grains (and, if possible, from organic farming).
  • For those who cannot do without a little sweet taste in their tea, there are alternatives to classic sugar.
  • Keep in mind, however, that it is good to let go of sugar and that it's never too late to start!

2 ° Advice:


  • Unsurprisingly, bad fats are also responsible for the appearance of cellulite.
  • By "bad fats" is meant saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated fats. They are found in cold meats, ready meals, pastries and, more generally, in most foods of industrial origin. They are the ones that must be removed from your carts and cupboards!
  • Remember that a healthy diet is the least processed food possible.
  • If bad fats are formidable, it is nevertheless essential to consume "good fats" which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on your body.
  • If you haven't already, introduce good quality oils, fatty fish and oilseeds to your menus. They contain omega 3 and 6 particularly valuable for health, and especially for having beautiful skin!

omega 3

3 ° Advice:


  • After correcting the situation on the level of the plate, there is another daily aspect to take into account in a very serious way: hydration.
  • And here, we are not talking about external hydration but internal. We are talking about water, this molecule which constitutes 70% of our body. Some of you will tell us that, in addition to cellulite, they actually suffer from water retention. Let's be clear: to store less, you have to drink. Contrary to what one might think, water retention and, consequently, cellulite are often the result of a lack of hydration. This phenomenon causes poor circulation of liquids (lymph, blood) in your body and therefore poor evacuation of toxins which stagnate and contribute to the formation of orange peel. It is therefore essential to hydrate properly every day. Read our article on this subject >>

4 ° Advice:


  • Then, you know, there is no salvation without physical activity and in this case this is even more true.
  • But beware: to put an end to cellulite, Sunday morning jogging will not be enough. And, even if it is practiced 2 or 3 times a week, cardio activity alone will not allow you to effectively fight cellulite.
  • The ideal is indeed to combine weight training and cardio.
  • How? 'Or' What ?
  • It's simple !
  • For a one hour session, start with 20-30 minutes of strength training exercises that will work, for example, the lower body (if you want to lose cellulite in the buttocks and thighs) then continue with 30-40 minutes of running.
  • In this way you will
  • 1) destock
  • 2) burn fat
  • The results of this type of training will be faster and more obvious.

5 ° Advice:


  • Finally - for women this is usually the fun part - there are the massages.
  • What is beneficial when you buy creams is not the cream itself but the massage performed to make it penetrate.
  • Let's be frank: if massage is not a miracle solution, it can, in addition to its pleasant and relaxing appearance, improve the condition of the skin. However, it must be dynamic, deep, fairly long and daily.

6 ° Advice:


There is the Gel Cryominceur!

gel cryominceur géomer

To help you, Laboratoire Géomer has designed a unique product with no equivalent on the market: The Cryominceur Gel.

  • It is composed of vegetable oils, essential oils, natural draining agents and natural anti-inflammatories.
  • It eliminates inflammation.
  • It drains toxins perfectly.
  • It breaks up fatty dimples.
  • It burns fat by the action of cold.
  • It helps in better fluidity of the circulatory system

The total disappearance of cellulite is guaranteed after 21 days.

And massage! Long, deep each day (out of your shower, for example). Toxins and fatty deposits will come out of the skin completely.

Follow this program and see you in 21 days to see results.

  • Hold on tight !
  • You will not regret it.
  • If you do not obtain a result, Géomer will reimburse you for your jar of Cryominceur Gel.


Start your cellulite attack plan, reach your goal, and be encouraged in your efforts!

Ready to kick off and proudly take out your swimsuit in 21 days?

bye bye cellulite

We sent Dorothy Beal a jar so she could give it a try too and give us her opinion.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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