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Testimony of Denise Commarmond

The Mineral Tensor made my wrinkles disappear to such an extent that I agreed to testify


Here is my testimony on the mineral tensor that I have been using morning and evening for 1 month: I find that the serum gives a feeling of freshness and is not sticky a little product is enough, I use it morning and evening,

I bought it because I was familiar with the hydroalcoholic gel from this lab and since it is great I thought if the skin care products were of the same quality I would try this tensor.

After a month the contour of my face is firmer, the skin tighter, I am opposed to hyaluronic gel injections because I saw the disastrous results with a friend that I was going to look for at her dermatologist.

Before I used a bit of everything in particular L'Oréal, Pierre Ricaud it is not useless but very average, and there surprise I am delighted I saw a real difference during the application I massage and there after 'one minute I have the feeling that the skin is tightening, then I put on my day cream and in the evening my night cream and in the morning my face is rested and not wrinkled.

I am going to talk to my friends and my daughter about it as a preventive measure.

At first I was skeptical, but now I'm so convinced that I bought 2 more for fear of running out.

Thanks to Géomer, a serious company with whom we can communicate easily and quickly for advice.

Denise Commarmond

47150 Lacaussade (France)

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