amplitude 4 30 ml

Amplitude Oil N ° 4

Synergy of soothing essential oils

Amplitude # 4 is specific for reactions or itching of the skin and / or scalp.

  • This calm synergy 95% cases of itchy skin
  • Calming and soothing
  • Calms and de-stresses tense areas by application and massage

garantie Géomer ingrédients naturels exempt de perturbateurs endocriniens

  • Jar 30 ml

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Amplitude N ° 4

Synergy of calming and soothing essential oils

  • Skin irritations can have different origins like all types of skin imbalances.

Product benefits

  • Calms and soothes the skin.
  • Removes nervousness after applying a few drops, under the nose, on the lips.
  • Calms almost all types of skin irritation.
  • Strongly limits scalp irritation due to colorations and discolorations.
  • Avoid skin reactions during a hair perm.
  • Helps to relax tense and stressed areas of the body after application and massage.

The law of 5 elements

loi 5 éléments

Metal Element - 4 - Fall: Lungs and Large Intestine

  • Amplitude n ° 4 is perfectly associated withElement n ° 4, Metal which represents demineralization. Demineralized skin is automatically irritated and dry.
  • Ancient Chinese medicine states that energetic autumn, it is the lungs and the large intestine that are very active in helping the body to appropriate minerals via exchanges with the ambient air and the food that we consume via the large intestine.
  • This activity is purely linked to the minerals in our body which are in loss during this autumn period. Much like nature loses its leaves in the fall, we lose our minerals and surface energy. This results in dry, itchy skin as well as mineral loss in the hair.
  • This means dry, brittle and sagging hair = Deficiency of hair loss.
  • Laboratoire Géomer has created this synergy of essential oils known for their calming properties in order to relieve skin irritations.
  • Result: In skin application or via breathing, this synergy of essential oils calms.
  • So the essential oils used here do not treat the organs in question but the consequences of their imbalance.

Its main components

  • Natural fatty acids and solubilizers
  • Essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium, Petitgrain, Lemon, Ylang-Ylang, Tarragon
  • Its concentration in Essential Oils is 20% = Ideal concentration and tolerable by the skin of the human body

ingredients naturels


  • To be applied pure on the skin on the areas in imbalance, affected, to be treated. The quantity of drops depends on the surface to be treated.
  • In application on the face: 5 to 7 drops.
  • Applying to the scalp: Apply the equivalent of 13 to 18 drops to the entire scalp.

  • To be added directly to your custom-made adaptable Geomer product.

  • On the affected area: 2 to 3 drops applied to the skin, then perform an unblocking massage (softener) with your fingertips. Tense areas will immediately relax.


  • Bottle with pipette: 30 ml = 500 drops
  • Bottle with pipette: 100 ml = 1600 drops - Economic format

INCI formula

amyl xylosides-capryl / caprilyl glucoside, caprylic capric triglyceride, rosmarius officinalis oil, lavendula officinalis oil, geranium oil, citrus aurantium oil, citrus limonum oil, ylang ylang (cananga odorata) oil, artemisia dracunculus oil esterlycerid 10 oil, apricot kernel oil linalool, d-limonene, citronellol, geraniol, benzylbenzoate, citral, benzylsalicylate, farnesol, isoeugenol, eugenol.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and not tested on animals.

sans OGMgarantiesans perturbateurs endocriniens

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By (Beuvrages, France Métropolitaine) on  10 May 2023 (Amplitude Oil N ° 4) :

Je recommande ++

J’ai actuellement une bosse de bison, j’ai utiliser ce produit depuis sa réception une fois par jour et j’en suis très très ravis !!!!
Ma bosse de bison n’est plus aussi dure qu’avant et je vois une différence niveau esthétique !! Je recommande ++

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By (Virieu le grand, France Métropolitaine) on  29 Mar 2023 (Amplitude Oil N ° 4) :


J'ai utilisé cette huile sur ma bosse de vison, elle a réduite et j'ai moins mal !

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By (Carpentras, France Métropolitaine) on  13 Nov 2021 (Amplitude Oil N ° 4) :

Ma bosse de bison diminue

Produit au top !! J'avais la bosse du bison au début cela la diminuer pour ensuite disparaitre!! Ces produits sont de haute qualité et conforme a la description. J'adore !! Merci Geomer.

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