Propolis shampoo 1000 ml
Propolis shampoo

Propolis shampoo

Anti-dandruff shampoo with natural ingredients

  • Specific for skin and scalps loaded with toxins
  • Dandruff
  • Itching and peeling (skin and scalp)
  • Very cleansing in case of psoriasis, eczema, skin scabs
  • Also suitable for children and infants for skin use.
  • This shampoo can be made to measure to perfectly meet the needs of your scalp.
  • Customized personalization is free. Just fill in the My Custom Shampoo Questionnaire and choose the bespoke Propolis shampoo when ordering. We will adapt your shampoo to the needs of your scalp.

ingrédients naturels garantis sans perturbateurs endocriniens garantie Géomer

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  • Jar 100 ml
  • Jar 200 ml
  • Jar 400 ml
  • 1000 ml / 1 L bottle

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Propolis shampoo

True purifying anti-dandruff shampoo based on Propolis

Product benefits

  • Propolis is a natural antibiotic made by bees to protect the entrance to hives against invading viruses.
  • This purifying resin helps restore the natural balance of the scalps loaded with toxins. Dandruff, scabs, pruritus, eczema, psoriasis are overloaded toxins under the skin that must absolutely be evacuated.
  • Unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos on the market which only "strip away dandruff", Propolis Géomer shampoo directly treats dandruff at its origin for immediate effectiveness.
  • This treating, sanitizing, caring shampoo is specific for dandruff, pruritus, eczema, psoriasis ...

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Its main components

  • Gentle and natural washing agents
  • Pure certified propolis resin extract

Tailor-made Propolis Shampoo

  • Géomer designed the Propolis shampoo in order to be able toadapt to the needs of your scalp. Whether you want to eliminate excess dandruff, excess sebum, your scalp is too dry, irritated or even lacking in energy, we can adapt your Propolis shampoo so that it treats your scalp as well as your hair. .
  • A healthy scalp is the essential foundation for having beautiful, healthy hair.
  • The Tailored is completely free for Géomer products.
  • When you place an order, complete the My Tailored Shampoo Questionnaire and we will adapt your tailor-made shampoo according to the recommendations of our hair specialist.

> My Tailor-Made Shampoo Questionnaire

The law of 5 elements

5 éléments

Element Earth - 3 - End of Summer: Spleen - Stomach - Pancreas

  • This Propolis-based shampoo is associated with'Element # 3, Earth. By creating energy to live, our body naturally creates toxins. During an energy imbalance of one or more organs linked to this element, overloaded toxins can be seen under / on the skin and / or on the scalp. This creates pimples, pruritus, eczema, psoriasis, various skin scabs.
  • ! Please note, given the medical aspect of this type of ailments, Laboratoire Géomer products cannot replace treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. However, they provide real skin comfort that is much appreciated.


  1. Use like a traditional shampoo, avoiding too much foam.
  2. For best results, we recommend that you apply Propolis shampoo to a dry scalp and distribute the shampoo with your fingertips and soak dandruff, scabs and other scales.
  3. 2 pressures are enough per shampoo.
  4. Leave it 7 minutes before to wet and lather.
  5. Then, rinse thoroughly.
  6. If itching is felt before shampooing, we recommend that you applyOligo F4 on the areas in question.
  7. You can associate the Hair Balm as a conditioner after shampoo. (It won't weigh fine to very fine hair.)


  • Bottle 100 ml = 25 shampoos
  • Bottle 200 ml = 50 shampoos
  • Bottle 1000 ml = 250 shampoos - Economic format

INCI formula

Aqua, sodium coco-sulfate, decyl glucoside, steareth-10 allylether / acrylates copolymer, sodium chloride, propolis extract / aqua / alcohol, caprylyl capryl glucosides, styrene acrylate.

Guaranteed paraben free, PEG free and cruelty-free

sans OGMgarantiesans perturbateurs endocriniens


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By (SOLESMES, France Métropolitaine) on  11 Sep 2023 (Propolis shampoo) :


Très bon shampooing propolis car mon mari fait le traitement pour le psoriasis du cuir vais bientôt en recommandé,car moi aussi je m'en sers pour une porokeratose actinique aux jambes et bras et il sent très bon.

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By (LYON, France Métropolitaine) on  03 Sep 2023 (Propolis shampoo) :

Traitement complémentaire à l'huile plurielle

Comme l'huile plurielle, ce shampoing au propolis permet d'éliminer quelques résidus restants de croutes ou d'amas de psoriasis en complément.
Il me convient mieux que le savon.

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Merci pour votre avis sur notre boutique.

Nous sommes toujours heureux des retours clients.
En effet, le shampoing propolis est bien prévu pour l'entretien de la chevelure

Shop owner reply on 04 Sep 2023
By (Liège, Belgique) on  02 Oct 2022 (Propolis shampoo) :

À recommander

Mon fils l’a adopté il y a quelques mois déjà.Avec l’adolescence, aucun autre shampoing ne lui convenant.Il n’a plus de démangeaisons et le cuir chevelu est plus sain. Merci beaucoup

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