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Le Laboratoire Géomer fabrique et commercialise des produits cosmétiques naturels

Algae Shampoo
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Special fine hair
(Formerly called: Algae Bath)

Specific for fine, dry and demineralized hair. According to our users, this is the best!
Restores volume to your hair.
Makes hair light and supple.
Eliminates static electricity from hair (Electric hair).
This shampoo can be made to measure to perfectly meet the needs of your scalp.
Do you prefer to use a solid shampoo? Discover the equivalent shampoo in our solid range here

Amplitude Oil N ° 1
Synergy of essential oils for oily skin
Amplitude n ° 1 is specific to the WOOD element, in spring.

Stabilizes excess fat and sebum on the skin and scalp
Reduces and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and seborrheic glands
Exclusive and innovative principle of Laboratoire Géomer : It allows certain products to be adapted to oily skin and scalps

Amplitude Oil N ° 2
Synergy of refreshing essential oils
Amplitude n ° 2 is specific to the FIRE element, summer.

Stabilizes too red, too vascularized skin
Decreases skin temperature, hypothermic
Regulates perspiration thanks to its powerful cooling effect
Limits excess blood under the skin

Amplitude Oil N ° 3
Synergy of purifying essential oils
Amplitude n ° 3 is specific to the EARTH element, to the change of season, at the end of summer.

Purifies and cleanses the skin
Eliminates pimples, pruritus, toxins, dandruff, scabs ...
Specific for skin and scalps having difficulty eliminating their toxins

Cryominceur gel
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Deep draining cellulite gel.

Eeliminates encrusted cellulite in 21 days
Active against water retention
Accelerates surface blood circulation for deep tissue drainage
Eeliminates localized fatty deposits that overload the silhouette

Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel
Deep purifying and sanitizing for the skin
Sanitizing skin gel for skin affected by:

Important dandruff.
Eliminate fungal infections.
Cleanses skin loaded with toxins.

From the first application, the "straitjacket" effect disappears. The skin breathes and leaves a feeling of lightness.

Also suitable for children for skin use.

Energizing Shampoo
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Special shampoo for fine, oily, perspirant hair

Specific for fine hair, quickly greasy, lacking volume
Specific for perspiring scalps
Very popular with teenagers going through puberty
Limits the need for frequent shampooing
This shampoo can be made to measure to perfectly meet the needs of your scalp.
Customized personalization is free. Just fill in the My Custom Shampoo Questionnaire and choose the tailor-made Energizing shampoo when ordering. We will adapt your shampoo to the needs of your scalp.

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