Products adapted to the seasons

Terral Gray
Toning, anti-aging mask
Gray terral with marine silts and essential oils, heating, stimulating, toning.

Specific for dull, white, energy-free skin
Tones and regenerates skin prone to sagging
Fights light to deep wrinkles
Performs deep drainage of skin tissue
For face, body and scalp
Promotes hair regrowth in severe baldness

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Amplitude Oil N ° 1
Synergy of essential oils for oily skin
Amplitude n ° 1 is specific to the WOOD element, in spring.

Stabilizes excess fat and sebum on the skin and scalp
Reduces and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous and seborrheic glands
Exclusive and innovative principle of Laboratoire Géomer : It allows certain products to be adapted to oily skin and scalps

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Anti Lice Shampoo
Eliminates lice and nits

Eliminates parasites from the scalp
With natural active agents
100% effective
Lice are eliminated after 3 days
Rich in essential oils and natural propolis

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Mosquito Spray
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Double-action repellent and barrier

Prevents mosquitoes from approaching thanks to its active agents of natural origin
Immediately soothes the skin in case of insect bites
Contains no DEET and guaranteed alcohol-free
Do not smear, do not stick
Effective against the chikungunya tiger mosquito

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Oligo F4
Calms and soothes the skin
Calming, soothing and stabilizing gel for irritated skin and scalps.

Calms and relieves immediately from the first application
Very powerful healing
Special irritated skin (redness, dryness, itching)
Stabilizes skin that tends to sweat too much and be quickly irritated
Ideal for sensitive skin
Calms and soothes the skin following a sunburn, a burn
Restores the balance of oily and acne-prone skin
Ideal complement to specific products against dandruff, psoriasis, eczema

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Cryominceur gel
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Deep draining cellulite gel.

Eeliminates encrusted cellulite in 21 days
Active against water retention
Accelerates surface blood circulation for deep tissue drainage
Eeliminates localized fatty deposits that overload the silhouette

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Amplitude Oil N ° 2
Synergy of refreshing essential oils
Amplitude n ° 2 is specific to the FIRE element, summer.

Stabilizes too red, too vascularized skin
Decreases skin temperature, hypothermic
Regulates perspiration thanks to its powerful cooling effect
Limits excess blood under the skin

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Restorative cream
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Special dry hands and dry feet
Provides the necessary minerals to the skin for deep hydration.

A cream rich in repairing agents such as wheat protein and sulfur
Repairs cracks, even the deepest, in 3 days maximum
Ideal for very dry or even scaly skin
Do not grease
Do not hurt
Not messy

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Dermo Purifying Peeling Gel
Deep purifying and sanitizing for the skin
Sanitizing skin gel for skin affected by:

Important dandruff.
Eliminate fungal infections.
Cleanses skin loaded with toxins.

From the first application, the "straitjacket" effect disappears. The skin breathes and leaves a feeling of lightness.

Also suitable for children for skin use.

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Natural Soap Oily Skin
Soap that stabilizes excess sebum

Cold saponification 70 % Olive Oil + 30% Coconut oil.
Surgras of 7 % composed of unsaponified olive oil andAmplitude 1 (Wood element)
Cleanses, hydrates and stabilizes excess fat and sebum.
wash it body and the scalp.
It breaks down completely and is biodegradable.
Vegan, economical, Zero waste.
Ingredients 100% natural

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Amplitude Oil N ° 4
Synergy of soothing essential oils
Amplitude # 4 is specific for reactions or itching of the skin and / or scalp.

This calm synergy 95% cases of itchy skin
Calming and soothing
Calms and de-stresses tense areas by application and massage

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