Spring is coming and my skin is greasy

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According to the bases of ancestral Chinese medicine, the energetic spring influences our skin and our scalp by increasing the production of sebum.

le printemps énergétique

Spring explained with traditional Chinese medicine

The energy of the Wood element: oily skin, blackheads, hair loss ...

Nature comes back to life!

  • If we look at nature, despite a bizarre weather including risk of snow and frost, the crocuses are starting to bloom, the bulb flowers are emerging from the ground, our animal friends are starting to lose their winter hairs ...
  • Something is happening in nature that in the spring, despite still low temperatures, nature absolutely wants to develop.
  • They say that in spring, nature awakens.
  • An energy, not dependent on temperature, causes plants and animals to change completely.

The difference between energetic and meteorological spring

  • Meteorological spring is always announced on the day of the spring equinox (March 20 or 21).
  • But this date corresponds to the maximum of the intensity of the astronomical spring.
  • Indeed, it is the position of the sun and the planets that influences life on our planet earth.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine corresponds perfectly to the dates of important planetary influences.
  • Spring energy therefore begins in early February.
  • Reaches its peak on March 20-21 at the time of meteorological spring.
  • To end his influence towards the end of April.
  • It is these energetic influences linked to the planets (including the earth) that act on our health. So influence our skin, our hair and our health in general.

Movement after hibernation

  • It is this energy that ancestral Chinese medicine has called for more than 5000 years: theWood energy.
  • And yes, there is an energy according to the seasons. That of winter is over and that of energetic spring settles very slowly.
  • All this to come to what is essential for us: the consequences of this spring energy on our scalp and our skin.
  • This energy that makes plants grow, despite too cold temperatures, has a big influence on our body.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that this wood energy will act on our organism to put our body back in motion after the period of hibernation. Throughout the winter, our body's energy had mostly been directed to our kidneys and bladder to protect our reproductive system from the winter cold.
  • Let us not forget that the first goal of life, for each living being, is to reproduce in order to preserve its species. Therefore, in winter, we protect ourselves from the cold and the most important parts that are directly related to reproduction.
  • The spring energy is the first that follows the lowest energetically period: thewinter.
  • This Wood energy helps us to reactivate ourselves very slowly.
  • Then, quite logically, it is the largest and most vital organ in the human body which will set in motion: the liver as well as its best ally, the gall bladder, which allows us to digest correctly.
  • Since the body must prepare for its longest and most important functioning during thesummer which follows, he will need good quality blood from well digested food. This allows the body to perform at its peak during the long summer days. The liver and the gall bladder will therefore be more energetic from spring on. They will work more.
  • If we have any weakness in the liver and / or gallbladder, it will show on our skin.

This is why the skin greasy in the spring!

  • Indeed, as the body's activity increases under this spring energy, the liver and the gallbladder will have to digest and purify the blood. In case of dysfunction, the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats will not take place properly. And, it leads to an imbalance in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Therefore, the sebaceous glands will excrete more sebum, fat than expected to alleviate the problem coming from the liver and or gallbladder. Our skin and scalp will get more oil than usual.
  • It is therefore quite normal for our skin to get fat in the spring.
  • The black dots will be more numerous.
  • Acne appears more easily.
  • The scalps will also get greasy.
  • The toxins will be too present.
  • Hair will fall out when the blood is of poor quality.
  • The hair is refined.

If we are in balance, everything is going well.

  • Attention, it is important to know that if we live healthily, that we eat healthily and that our life is harmonious with nature, all these worries will not be seen because the liver and the vesicle will be able to assume their responsibilities. functions correctly.
  • What I want to explain to you is that we are all far from a perfect life in balance with nature. Therefore, it is very likely that in the spring we will have more oily skin and scalp than usual. This does not mean that we are sick but that we experience the energy of Wood in our body in full awakening after its winter phase.

What are the solutions ?

  • In view of all this, we understand that to maintain or care for his oily skin and scalp, we cannot use products that remove the fat from the skin. It will do like a plaster on a wooden leg. It will not help.
  • The fat in the skin is due to a strong activation of the sebaceous glands.
  • From the basics of Chinese medicine, we know that it is related to the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

What does ancestral Chinese medicine offer?

It is therefore necessary to treat oily skin, excess sebum and all other derivatives (blackheads, cellulite, thinning hair, which falls out, etc.) at the level of what manages the sebaceous glands:

  • liver
  • gall bladder

Usually, we maintain or treat oily skin and oily scalps with products that remove the fat. However, from experience, we realize that this has no effect and makes us start over every day ...

  • This is why when developing Géomer products and care ranges, we incorporate plant extracts well known from naturopathy which treat and act on the liver and gall bladder.
  • Usually, we ingest these plant extracts through the mouth, but here we apply them to our skin through our shampoo, cream or care product.
  • We use very pure essential oils because they have a very effective healing power in the right dosage.
  • The action is done much faster through the skin than through the mouth. Indeed, we have noticed that essential oils have the particularity of penetrating the skin and immediately going into the blood. The latter circulating throughout the body, it will bring these essential oils to the parts or organs that need them.

Géomer products provide solutions by caring for the interior

  • Because what heals the inside can be seen on the outside!
  • Thanks to these observations and knowledge dating back more than 5000 years, we have been able to create, through modern technology, cosmetic products that are real care products. They work inside and are also called cosmeto-care: cosmetics that heal.
  • Hence, the name of our energetic naturopathic laboratory.

Discover the products related to spring energy:

My advice of the day: We must not forget that everything on this earth is energy and that often not much is enough to put everything back in place.

  • In the spring, if we treat our skin and scalp as if we wanted to treat our liver and gallbladder, then we will not see the appearance of oily skin concerns, acne, pimples, blackheads and of spring hair loss.
  • Use healthy skincare products and you will be fine.

Alain Ledroit,
CEO Laboratoire Géomer
Reiki Master Usui

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